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Monday, June 15, 2009

Thirty Nine Again by Lynn Reynolds

Thirty-Nine Again by Lynn Reynolds
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Suspense, Contemporary
Length: Full (288 pages)
Heat: Sensual
Rating: Best Book
Reviewed by Larkspur

Last year, Sabrina spent her thirty-ninth birthday undergoing chemotherapy. Now, it's one year later, and her friends have planned a do-over birthday celebration. But Sabrina just wants to resume her quiet life with dull fiancé Scott, and she's reluctant to celebrate her good health prematurely. She's even relieved when the party plans get derailed by an appointment with Evan, her hot, new personal trainer.

However, her relief turns to fear when she discovers a masked man ransacking her apartment. And fear turns to plain old crankiness when Evan flashes a badge and spirits her away with scary talk about witness protection programs and the Mexican mob wanting her dead. Thirty-nine the first time was horrible. Does she really have the strength to do thirty-nine again?

First of all let me tell you that I could not put this book down, so before you turn the first page of this exceptional read, DO NOT curl your legs up under yourself because by the time you’re able to tear yourself away from this thrill a minute ride, the book is over and you can’t stand up from the kinks in your legs.

Take a mild mannered accountant; throw in an undercover Homeland Security agent; mix them with Drug Cartels and human trafficking; add to them as assortment of very scary bad guys; then put in just a pinch of woo woo and you have the recipe for one terrific novel. Lynn Reynolds’ Thirty-Nine Again has everything you want in a great read. She gives us well developed characters and not only the hero and heroine. I would say that 90% of the supporting characters are good enough to support their own story.

You get keep you on the edge of your seat, nail biting, terror filled suspense. Her love scenes are sweet and sensual with just enough description to make them creative and a little daring without being smutty. The writing is impeccable, and her dialog is real and descriptive and vivid and help visualize the places she takes us. The story line/plot is exciting and original and to keep us on our toes she throws in sub plots that are touching and heart wrenching.

I can’t say enough about this amazing book. It will appeal to any and all of you who enjoy a story that could be taken from the font page of any major news paper and who like their suspense intense and their hero and heroine with a lot of moxie.