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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Taylor's Girls: The Taylor Morgan Trilogy Megabook by Sabra Brown Steinsiek

Taylor's Girls: The Taylor Morgan Trilogy Megabook by Sabra Brown Steinsiek
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full (971 pages)
Heat: Sweet
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Wild Plum

Timing is Everything: None of us can tell when a chance meeting will change our lives. A brief encounter, quickly forgotten, could, in another time or place, become a defining moment that will change our lives forever. When Taylor Morgan, Broadway star, arrives for a charity concert, Albuquerque Herald reporter Laura Collins is assigned to interview him. Their mutual attraction is immediate and ill-timed. A story of family, love, and missed opportunities, set in locales from Albuquerque to Italy, Ireland to Tampa, Timing Is Everything is a tale as old as time and as current as cyberspace; of love won, lost, then found again, proving that timing is, indeed, everything.

When That Time Comes: Readers first met Laura and Taylor Morgan in Timing is Everything. In When That Time Comes, their love story continues. With their daughters, Megan and Betta, ready to leave for college, they face a prospect of freedom that has never been a part of their lives. But fate has other plans and they find themselves starting over again. On a trip to Ireland with Betta and their grandfather, Meg finds love and a history she never wanted to know, a history that shatters both her world and her heart. Taylor and Laura must face that the time has come to tell her the truth.

‘Til The End Of Time: When Broadway star Taylor Morgan met reporter Laura Collins in Albuquerque, he had no idea of the twists and turns their life together would take. Twenty-five years after that meeting, he is at the top of his Broadway career, Laura is an acclaimed writer, and they are parents to three daughters, grandparents to one. With their youngest child, Annie, ready to leave the nest, they are looking forward to a new chapter in their lives and time for themselves. Instead, they find themselves faced with their greatest challenge when Laura is offered the writing assignment of a lifetime in unsettled Bosnia—an assignment with unexpected consequences.

Timing is Everything

When Taylor Morgan arrives for a charity concert he never expects to find the love of his life. But he does with reporter, Laura Collins. The story goes from Albuquerque to Italy then back to Tampa. And both Taylor and Laura learn that timing is everything when it comes to finding love, losing love, then getting each other back again.

Laura is a reporter and Taylor travels the world as a Broadway star. When the two first meet the attraction is there and very much alive. But the timing is awful. So Laura lets Taylor go and he leaves her behind. But when they are back together will their romance still be alive?

Steinsiek gives a plot to the readers that are true to today’s lifestyles. We all live a fast life and sometimes it’s hard to notice when love is standing in front of you. It’s a touching story full of warmth; love and romance. The characters are so strong and grow throughout the book. They grow individually due to the time apart, but when they are together it’s apparent that they have both grown in the same direction. You are finished with this story before you know it. It’s definitely a great read for any romance fan.

When That Time Comes

Laura and Taylor Morgan were first introduced to us when their love started in Timing is Everything. Now Laura and Taylor are older and facing the fact that there daughters are getting ready to move on with their lives.

The family takes a trip to Ireland and there Meg, Laura and Taylor’s daughter, finds love and family history. It’s something Meg never wanted to know and something Laura and Taylor had hoped they would never have to tell their daughters. Now fate has stepped in and they find themselves starting over.

Another great read from Steinsiek! She continues the love story with Laura and Taylor and it truly is magical that their love can withstand through time. Yet the story isn’t lacking anything. Betta and Meg’s characters are well-written and fit in nicely with Laura and Taylor. The lives these characters live are perfect yet real. There is suspense, love, hurt, angry, betrayal, and forgiveness. When you read the first book you are satisfied with Taylor and Laura’s love story, but you always wonder what happens after happily ever after. Now you have it. But there is a third book as well. The love story continues.

‘Til the End of Time

Just when you thought the Morgan’s were finished they come back and ready for more twists and turns. Taylor and Laura have been married for twenty-five years. They have watched two daughters grow and move on to college and now have one grandchild. Now their youngest daughter Annie is ready to leave the nest to start her next chapter.

Today Taylor is still at the top of his Broadway career and Laura is an acclaimed writer. They are looking forward to the next chapter of their lives together. But now Laura is offered a dangerous writing job in Bosnia. But neither Laura nor Taylor expected the turn of events they would face together.

Steinsiek gives us the conclusion of the Morgan trilogy. This story truly is a gem. It’s well written. Laura and Taylor are as strong as ever as a couple and as individuals. They have been through a lot in their lives and still have much to encounter. The plot just keeps getting thicker with every scene. The characters still grow with every page. The suspense is there; the details to the settings are marvelous. I feel like I’m there with them or watching the movie. It’s a heart-warming read and it just soothes your soul to see these two characters still together going strong. And to see that they still have a happily ever after. All three books are a must-read for any romance reader.