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Friday, June 5, 2009

The Talisman by Christine Young

The Talisman by Christine Young
Publisher: Rogue Phoenix Press
Genre: Western / Historical
Length: Full (231 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 3.5 Books
Reviewed by Camellia

Running from a marriage that lasted one night, Dr. Moriah McKeown discovers the land she has settled on is coveted by determined and lawless men. Yet the proud young woman who once vowed never to abandon her home has second thoughts when her adopted children are threatened. Her only recourse is to enlist the aid of a dark, dangerous gun for hire.

Haunted by the past and a betrayal he will nefer forgive, Ian Civanovich uses his fast gun and his reckless courage to forget the faithlessness of a woman in his past. He will trust no female--nor will he rest until the threat hovering over Moriah McKeown is put to rest.

An unusual gathering of characters makes The Talisman and intriguing tale.

Beautiful Dr. Moriah Mckeown, “with eyes like the sea and hair like the sunset”, lives with her four children on the South Dakota plains after running from an evil man back East. She knows from first-hand experience and from the abused women she treats that “men always hurt women”. When she hires Ivan Civanovich, a gunfighter, to protect her family and her property, they get off to a bad start, but she feels a connection to him and he cannot get her out of his mind.

Ivan, loves women in general, but he has never wanted a woman like he wants Moriah. However, he feels he must return to his desert home in a far-off land, a place where independent Moriah could not survive. Yet, he wants to unleash the “beautiful passion in her soul, a passion that simmered and churned and waited to emerge”. To protect, cherish, and possess this “sweet woman of God and nature” becomes a driving need in him.

The antagonists seem to have no redeeming qualities, yet they prevail for-ever-so-long over a bevy of Pinkerton agents and Ivan to the point of despair for Moriah, the children, and the girls that work at Maggie’s saloon. Their evil deeds make for some tension-filled reading that makes the adrenaline rise.

Occasionally, an error or repetitive inner thoughts detract, but the plot pulls the reader passed them and on to another of the many difficulties that Moriah and Ivan must overcome.

Christine Young creates some OH,SO GOOD loves scenes and enchants with the beautiful legend of the silver and amber bands, the talisman, both Moriah and Ivan inherited.

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