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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Symphony for Lovers by Judith Otto

Symphony for Lovers by Judith Otto
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Genre: Contemporary romance
Length: Full (266 pgs)
Heat Level: spicy
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Snapdragon

Megan Jordache has one goal in life—save up enough money to buy Clematis Cottage, the current location of the Winterburn Medical Center where she works as a receptionist. Nothing—and no man—is going to get in her way. Never, however, has she encountered someone as determined and arrogant as Paxton Merryweather.

Paxton and Megan butt heads right from the beginning, but neither can deny—though not for lack of trying—that the fuel for their anger stems from an irresistibly intense attraction.

With Paxton soon occupying every minute of her day, can Megan give up her dream to take a chance at love, or will she sacrifice everything for her goal?

Fiery Megan Jordache finds hospital policies - including courtesy - beyond annoying, especially where some rather high-handed patients are concerned. Paxton Merryweather fit right into that category...even with the sensuous mouth and sleek animal lines. IF she hand't been distracted to start with, at least her disconcerted state is understandable! Finding out he is in fact, not a patient is the finishing touch. Their banter is so caustic, it isn't until later that one wonders just why Merryweather didn't identify himself more accurately, at the start.

Then again, he's an arrogant sort that seems to enjoy baiting people. Even more annoying, all of Megan's office colleagues assume she is attracted to him. When events contrive to land this man smack in her own office for months, readers get an inkling that Megan's life is about to change. She may have come to hasty conclusions about the man - and in fact, does consider that other people have very different experiences with him. Still, she seems to have many people in her life who make judgments about her and her decisions (like her Mom, as well as her co-workers.) She gives less credence to her own perceptions than, perhaps, she should.

Animal attraction vies with tension from the opening lines of Symphony for Lovers. Creating believable, evocative characters is Otto's forte, for sure. It's easy to sympathize with Megan; so much so in fact, that one could easily be far less forgiving than she proves to be. She doesn't want to be 'taken in' and indeed, readers will still, throughout, desire giving the toad a swift kick in the pants.

As powerful as the two main characters are, supporting cast is also excellent. Some of the 'ladies' in the office catch on to things all too quickly...and Megan's relationship with her Mom is revealing. The strength of the characters carries us over the more improbable moments. One or two minor points feel contrived - but you'll still read every word. Very enjoyable: 4 books