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Friday, June 5, 2009

The Path to Freedom by Lisa Pietsch

The Path to Freedom by Lisa Pietsch
Publisher: Sapphire Blue Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Action/Adventure, Suspense
Length: Full (263 pgs)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by by Snapdragon

In the war on terror...sometimes the best weapon is a woman...

Sarah Stevens is a washed-up military cop whose life is a shambles until she is offered a position as an agent with the CIA.

The thirty-year-old, overweight, down-on-her-luck Stevens goes to a secret training camp where she is transformed into a sexy and deadly agent whose mission is to stop, by any means possible, the financiers of terrorism against the United States and its allies.

Sarah soon discovers that this is an exciting new life loaded with adventure, danger and undeniable sinful temptations…

Action kicks off Pietsch’s The Path to Freedom, and action remains the name of the game throughout. Tough CIA agent Vince leads a mostly dedicated team against drug dealers off our south coast. The errant one – of course- has to be a lovely woman. The female agent turns more than her fellow agent’s heads… and in fact… has fallen, herself, for Carlos, a charismatic drug dealer. For Vince, frustration rages; images of never-to-be happy endings, involving the Florida sunset and peaceful lives – all seem impossible.

Meanwhile, Sarah Stevens runs smack into her own frustrations at Air Force check in. Weight, relationships and her career all seem headed in the same direction…and after a cold assessment of her position, she opts to try harder. You’ll sympathize with, and admire Sarah at the same time – and if you’ve ever had the experience of re-discovering your hip-bones, you’ll like her all the more. Sympathizing with Sarah won’t last long: because the action never lets up. It’s unexpected action though: from the cover, you expect this will be all about shooting, covert operations, espionage and catching evil doers in the act. That’s all here, but there’s the friendships of ‘boot camp’ the course jokes and dreams of pizza, too.

Frustratingly, it did take ages to get around to romance…

I give this 4 books for maintaining reader interest from one page to the next as if by magic. This isn’t truly the sort of story I’d select off shelves for myself (Florida drug dealer battles??) Yet, it’s the best attention-grabber I’ve read in ages. The storyline is unpredictable, the characters are fresh but believable, and Pietsch’s tropical sun is completely believable.