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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

No Fear by Allie Harrison

No Fear by Allie Harrison
Publisher: ImaJinn Books
Genre: Contemporary/Paranormal/Fantasy/Suspense
Length: Full (236 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 3.5 Books
Reviewed by Poinsettia

Welcome to Medusa’s Island . . . a vacation paradise complete with beautiful beaches and the quaint town of Medusa.

But the island’s serenity is shattered when two young women are found dead from no apparent causes despite their expressions of terror. Chief of Police James Winchester and Emma Gray fear a monster from the past has returned to make Medusa its feeding ground.

With passion flaring between them and a storm isolating the island, Emma and James have no choice but to again face the horror of a killer who exploits the deepest fears of his victims.

When James and Emma discover that Emma is destined to be the next victim, will the love they share be strong enough to save them? Or will the monster finally finish what he started five years before?

An evil vampire has returned to Medusa’s Island. Emma and James have faced him before and barely escaped with their lives. Can they survive another battle?

Emma Gray leads a quiet life on Medusa’s Island. During the day, she works as a nurse at the local clinic, but at night she is plagued by nightmares. Five years ago, Emma was attacked and violated by a vampire, but she won’t admit that to anyone else. After all, vampires aren’t supposed to exist. Since then, she’s been afraid of the dark and shunned the company of men with the exception of her boss, Doc. After losing his wife to the same monster that attacked Emma, Doc knows that sometimes there is good reason to be afraid of the dark. Emma feels Doc is the only one who understands what she went through, and he becomes a father figure to her.

James Winchester is the chief of police on the island. He’s also a vampire hunter. After rescuing Emma five years ago, he fell in love with her. Since then he’s watched over and admired her from afar. He longs for a more romantic relationship, but knows Emma’s not ready. However, James is patient and gradually begins to win Emma’s trust and love.

Just as James is making progress with Emma, women start turning up dead on the island with no apparent cause of death. James suspects the vampire is back because he’d sensed the evil in the air. However, there are no bite marks on the victims. James fears that he’s dealing with a vampire more powerful then any he’d fought before.

Ms. Harrison created an interesting heroine in Emma. Outwardly, Emma appears weak and fragile. The vampire’s attack left her scarred mentally and emotionally, but the fact that Emma survived is a testament to her inner strength. James is the perfect hero for Emma. He care’s deeply for Emma, but doesn’t immediately pressure her into a relationship. His patience and perseverance not only win her love, but help her conquer her fears.

I did have a couple issues with the story. The first was the villain, initially known only as Quinn. His motivation for going after Emma is simple. She is the victim that got away. However, when I finished the story I was left with one question. What makes an evil vampire evil? In the story, some vampires are simply bad, and any vampires they create will also be wicked no matter what kind of person they were in life. I wasn’t satisfied with that explanation and would have liked the subject to be explored in a bit more depth.

My other issue was the overuse of the word cold. On the first page alone, cold or some variation of the word was used five times and in the first couple chapters it appeared sixteen times. I found this to be a bit distracting, but it did not keep me from being pulled into the story.

Despite those very minor problems, I enjoyed reading No Fear. The main characters were interesting, and the plot was compelling. I recommend No Fear to anyone who enjoys a romance loaded with suspense.