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Friday, June 26, 2009

The Long Road Home by Lauren Sharman

The McCassey Brothers Book 4: The Long Road Home by Lauren N Sharman
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 5 Books
Reviewed by Violet

Nineteen-year-old Georgia survived four years of forced prostitution and drug addiction by clinging to the false hope that her brothers—unaware of her existence—would one day rescue her.

The last thing Blackie, Judd, and Rebel McCassey expect to discover when they catch a young girl loitering in front of their garage, is that she’s their younger, half-sister.

Immediately, they want to help Georgia overcome her addiction and bring her into the family fold, despite her adamancy that she isn’t good enough to be a McCassey.

Used to handling things their own way, the brothers soon realize that this time, they can’t fix things by throwing powerful right hooks, firing semi-automatic weapons, or simply saying, ‘no worries’.

This time, they need an outsider’s help.

But Georgia’s skeptical, and doubt consumes her as her strength and confidence falter.

Georgia knows her brothers will fight for her…but will she fight for herself?
Georgia has survived four years of forced prostitution at the hands of her father who also forced her to shoot up each time. Becoming addicted to drugs, Georgia can only hope that one day one of her brothers that her father speaks of constantly will come and save her. She makes it a point to search for them and that is exactly what she does. Blackie, Judd and Rebel McCassey are confronted by a nineteen year old girl who says she is their sister. Just one look at her and it is very obvious, she certainly has the McCassey blue eyes with the spirit to fight. Not knowing how to help their sister with her drug addiction, they call in an outsider to help them. Can Georgia really make her way back to being a normal teenage girl?

Georgia's character really spoke to me. She is a fighter and wants to better herself but has to go through hell to get there. The physical trauma she has to go through is written in a very vivid way that really gives you a feel for what she has to go through but she never gives up. Wade's character had me just wanting to hug him. He was so patient, understanding and kind. The chemistry between the McCassey brothers and Georgia really pulled on my heartstrings and I was captivated by the bond they all shared.

The Long Road Home was simply one of the best I have read. There were romantic undertones in the book but it focused on addiction, belonging and how hard it is to feel like you are worth something when you hit rock bottom. I read this book after reading the McCassey brothers trilogy and this was a perfect way to round out the family. I felt like I got to know the characters in a very intimate way. Ms. Sharman really nailed addiction and the feelings of those around you while you try to kick whatever habit it might be.

The Long Road Home was brilliantly written with intense feelings of both love and conflict. The action scenes were thrilling with a very well developed plot line that made the book an exciting, sit on the edge of your seat kind of book. I can't wait for the rest of the McCassey books to come out. I love this family and will miss them when the series is finished. Lauren N. Sharman is one of my new favorite authors and I would consider her an automatic add to my to be read list.