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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Let’s Dish by Catherine Wade

Let’s Dish by Catherine Wade
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Heat: Sweet
Length: Full (262 pages)
Genre: Contemporary
Rating: 3 Books
Reviewed by Bittersweet

She’s got the heat. He’s got the kitchen. Together, they’ve got trouble cookin’.

Maggie Donnely has problems no Food Network star ever had to deal with. Her coffee shop is running in the red, her EPT just turned pink, and keeping her business partners in line is making her blue in the face. A run-in with her old cooking school nemesis is the last thing she needs.

Kevin Best is a blast from the past with more than Maggie’s mouth-watering recipes on his mind. He knows he made one big mistake with her, but she’s got no idea just how far he’ll go to put her heart back on the menu.

When Maggie loses her shop to a fire, and her partners to a stupid mistake, she’s forced to turn to Kevin to help her win a contest that could save her bacon. Friendless, desperate—and with the proverbial bun in the oven—it’s a choice that could change the rest of her life. If she can learn to love again.

What’s the old saying about too many cooks? Maggie’s about to find out…the hard way.
Deliciously Sweet! That was my last thought as I clicked my way through the last line in Mrs. Wade’s novel Let’s Dish.

Although, the novel starts out a bit weak and seems to drag on a bit, the plot finally builds up to reveal well constructed characters and a tender love that has been secretly raging on for years.

In Spanish, there’s a saying that says, “El que la persigue la consigue”, which comes to mean something like “the one that pursues it, gets it” that single phrase is the perfect one to describe my favorite character: Kevin. A man, that no matter the bitterness, the angry retorts, or unexpected surprises that life gives him does not give up on what he considers is the love of his life. Not to mention that those dashing green eyes can captivate pretty much any girl.

Maggie, the protagonist, is a woman that has been going through some very hard times and who doesn’t realize (like any human being) that sometimes happiness is just a step away. She’s sweet, tough (though she doesn’t seem to realize it), and full loaded with irony. My heart went out to her.

The rest of the characters, Maggie’s mom (goodness, I started to dislike her myself), Layla, Armand, Tim, Angela… help the story move along in a smooth way.

Let’s Dish is definitely a story that left me smiling and craving for some white chocolate mints!