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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Defender by Catherine Mann

Defender by Catherine Mann

Publisher: Berkley Jove Authors / Penguin Group
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary
Length: Full (282 pages)
Heat: Hot
Rating: 5 Books
Reviewed by Tiger Lily

In the heat of the moment...

When a USO boat goes down in flames, test pilot Jimmy Gage pulls a scantily clad Chloe Nelson out of the shark-filled Mediterranean . Although she is grateful, and he's as hot as the fire that took the boat down, the last thing Chloe needs is a jet-jock to be her bodyguard—until she inadvertently finds herself closer to Gage than she ever expected, and side by side in a dangerous mission...

Gage is desperate to find a fellow airman, missing and reportedly held captive. A pub in Istanbul, controlled by a notorious and sadistic female adversary, may hold the key. Now, moving in toward untold dangers, Gage can't afford to let his growing attraction to Chloe distract him for a second—or it may cost the lives of his crew, the prisoner they must rescue, and the woman he's unable to resist.

What do you do when you see a beautiful woman trapped in shark-infested water? Rescue her, but under no circumstances should you fall for her, unless you happen to be test pilot Jimmy Gage and she happens to be USO performer Chloe Nelson. If that’s the case, then you’d better expect trouble – delicious, sexy trouble. Such is the case for Chloe’s Defender.

Catherine Mann writes military novels that draw you in from page one and hold you tight until the climactic end. Where some writers touch on the military, or handle it with kid gloves, Ms. Mann gives you the unabridged, no-holds-barred honesty involved with the flying military. Although sometimes she uses terminology that can be confusing, don’t let this shy you away from her work. Each reference is necessary and makes the story stronger.

In Defender, I loved that Jimmy was a tough as nails. Pilots have to be, especially test pilots. But, I also loved that when he had to show a softer side, he did, but under duress. Heroes should never be wimpy and Jimmy is never wimpy. For the heroine, at times, Chloe came across as a bit weak, but that made her an engaging character. You wanted to root for her and find out why she remained so sad at times.

The scenes in this novel are rich with details. You really do feel like you’re right there in the desert and winding streets of Turkey. Even the secondary characters are exciting and draw your attention. I loved the secondary plotlines as much as the love story between Chloe and jimmy.

If you want a sexy romance, then you want Defender. If you want to read a fresh-voiced military novel with a heavy dose of heart, then you need to read Defender. I give this book 5 books. Awesome!