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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cowboys Dream Too by Morgan Q. O’Reilly

Cowboys Dream Too by Morgan Q. O’Reilly
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Genre: Contemporary (Western), Paranormal
Length: Full (245 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 5 Books
Reviewed by Camellia

Even a cowboy can dream of a Celtic goddess... But is it just a dream?

From the first time he dreamed of his perfect woman, Gray Dunbar was no longer satisfied by his pre-ordained future on the family dude ranch. She's leading him on, away from Colorado and around the world, until he can't stay away from home any longer.

Reed O'Brien needs a vacation. Her boss's company is falling apart. When a proposed trip to a dude ranch retreat comes along, she jumps at the chance. A stop in Vegas gets the ball rolling -- especially when she meets the one man her boss would love to put out of business.

Is this destined to be war...or love?
Ah, my kingdom for a cowboy like Gray!

Mystical magic merging with modern mating propels Reed O’Brien and Grayson Dunbar toward their destiny. Cowboys Dream Too, a consummate love story with all the senses called to attention, has Read and Gray “swimming in endorphins”. Sizzling, sensual, and sweet love scenes make the reader’s heart race.

Relaxing at a swimming pool in Vegas after a long flight from Asia, Gray watches two women and listens to their sassy banter, he hears the name “Carrick”, his name in a recurring dream. He knows the fair-skinned one with auburn hair and jade green eyes is his—the one he has been preparing for all his life—the one in his dreams that he makes love to in a Celtic forest—the one that owns his heart.

His blatant pursuit of Reed with all the subtle undercurrents is a breathtaking adventure the reader gets to share vicariously.

Reed, with her voluptuous, hourglass figure and pale skin, cannot believe he pursues her for herself rather than as a way to get to her best friend who is model thin, tan, and beautiful. She has a jaundiced view of men from past experiences. But, this charming man that looks so much like Carrick in her dreams and can massage the knot of pain from her work-stressed shoulder, sets her senses soaring to cloud-touching heights. Her weariness and worry as chief financial officer for a company in financial trouble diminishes.

Morgan Q. O’Reilly with her unobtrusive writing style and her use of humor, honesty, a touch of magic, and a wealth of tactile sensuality weaves a memorable love story that make the heart sing. An unabashed openness about sexuality being an intrinsic part of one’s being is a constant thread woven into the tapestry. The golden thread of pre-destined love makes it glow with vibrant life.

The secondary characters enhance the progress of events, the conflicts, doubles, and obstacles that beset Reed and Gray. The notable antagonist is a worthy opponent that wages a personal and corporate battle. As his self-awareness develops, the reader sees an astounding range of emotions surface that Reed and Gray must deal with.

Happenings in the dream world, the corporate world, and the ranching world create an exciting back picture in this tapestry of a tale. But, LOVE makes it glow, shimmer, and shine as well as smoke from the sexual heat.

Cowboys Dream Too is pure pleasure to read. It has scenes that make the reader laugh, cry, and sigh with love scenes that do it all.

Morgan Q. O’Reilly is a word weaver that reaffirms, love is a treasure to be prized.