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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Choices Meant for Gods by Sandy Lender

Choices Meant for Gods by Sandy Lender
Publisher: ArcheBooks Publishing
Genre: Fantasy
Length: Full (621 pages)
Heat: Sensual
Rating: 5 Books
Reviewed by Camellia

Not even the gods noticed when Chariss was born with the mark of The Protector. Now she and her wizard guardian seek shelter from a mad sorcerer in a household not just full of secrets and false hope, but watched by the god who will unwittingly reveal her role in an impending war.

When an orphan sets aside a lifetime of running and fear to accept the responsibilities of guarding an arrogant deity, can she face the trials in the prophecies she uncovers? Will Nigel Taiman of her latest refuge dare to use his dragon heritage to bind her to his estate or to help her in her duty?

Incredible! Exciting, intriguing, and compelling characters interact to propel a plot that bit by piece encompasses a fantastic world full of gods, goddesses, wizards, sorcerers, gifted mortals, and dragons (the baby dragon—not to be missed—such a sweetie). As Good and Evil pit spells, wits, abilities, and strength against each other, the amazing characters still find love.

Amanda Chariss Derdriu, orphaned at age four, has been in the care of Hrazon, a wizard, ever since. They’ve evaded Jamieson Drake, a powerful sorcerer that killed her family, for sixteen years. As they moved about, Hrazon taught and trained Chariss to be ready for the job The Ultimate One has for her.

Using a spell she has not learned how to control, Chariss nearly kills herself but she teleports them 2,000 leagues in one day to Arcane, the fortress-like estate of Godric Alan Taiman, a former student of Hrazon. They escape Drake, as he steps up his efforts to take over all of Onweald, a land so long at peace its inhabitance are complacent.

Nigel, the eldest son of Godric, is intrigued by Chariss, the violet-eyed visitor with a jewel in her cheek that matches her eyes. His dark heritage makes him not his father’s favorite and it also influences his attitude and actions, but Nigel’s feelings for Chariss bring about changes in him that lift him to a new level of life. Oh yes, there is more than meets the eye in this dark, mysterious hero.

As the plot of Choices Meant for Gods unfolds, Chariss learns to cope with The Master, The Ultimate One’s son and Kora’s father, as He takes control of her training and her life and presses her to her limits. At one point, she retaliates in a way that shocks all the supernatural entities that see it. The Master did get a surprise also. She fought demons, monsters, and spells conjured by The Master as well as some conjured by Julette also called The Dragon, Evil incarnate, and SO much more.

Sandy Lender creates a world fraught with political maneuvering, debauchery, complacent mortals, and supernatural entities that are all bent on their own agendas. The symbolism and allegorical elements woven into the story make it rich and thought-provoking as well as mesmerizing as “geasna”, spells, and all kinds of supernatural happenings engage the emotions, imagination, and intellect of the reader.

When Chariss calls Mahsilette, The Master’s sister that has not visited the world in centuries and the goddess comes to her aid, The Master and others know her mission in life is of the Greatest Importance.

But what about her love for Nigel? Can it be or must it be sacrificed for the greater good? Many questions go unanswered in this book. There is a sequel. When the story ended with “To be continued”, I knew I’d be looking for the sequel. I need answers.

Choices Meant for Gods is excellent reading and one to be read more than once—a KEEPER.