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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Caught! by Lori Foster

Caught! by Lori Foster
Publisher: Harlequin Enterprises, Ltd.
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full (379 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 5 Books
Reviewed by Tiger Lily

Things are heating up between security expert Dillon Jones and the notorious Virginia Johnson! They're trying to find out who framed Dillon's brother for embezzlement. As they search for the truth, Dillon can't help but draw closer to feisty Virginia. His code of honor is barely keeping him in check…but leave it to a take-charge woman to take what she wants!

After finding her—now former—fiancĂ© in bed with another woman, Sara Simmons decides that love and marriage just aren't for her. What she needs is a hot fling. Enter hunky next-door neighbor Gavin Blake. But Gavin is playing for keeps, and he's vowed to hold out for more than sex. Begging isn't Sara's style…but she will if he won't!

What if you found out that the company you poured your life into wasn’t all yours and your life was in danger? What if you found your lover with another lover in your own bed? What would you do? Read Caught! to see what Virginia and Dillon and Sara and Gavin do to correct the situations.

You want a sexy read that’s fun? Then pick up a novel by Lori Foster. In this two for one novel, Ms. Foster writes with her heart and conscience. Her characters are amusing and their issues are real and relatable. You can’t go wrong with this novel.

In Taken!, Virginia Johnson has control of her sporting goods company. When her life is threatened, the hunky Dillon Oakes steps in to save the day. Well, either that, or to kidnap Virginia to show her how sexy she truly is and to keep her safe. I liked that Virginia wasn’t stick thin. Too many times romance revolves around two incredibly perfect people falling in love in a perfect fashion. Real life isn’t perfect. This story illustrates that and allows the read to step into Virginia’s shoes. We feel her triumphs and tears as if they were our own.

In Say Yes, Sara Simmons finds her fiancĂ©e and another woman making love in her bed! When things fall apart for Sara, her next-door neighbor makes sure he’s there to save the day. Well, not exactly. He wants to save the day and show her that she’s desirable, but on her terms. I liked seeing a man who didn’t rush the romance. I also liked that Foster’s characters were real with real problems. Love doesn’t always go smoothly and this novel illustrates that. I loved the intrusion of Gavin’s family. The reader can relate to the meddling and the love lavished on the characters.

If you want a steamy read, where the characters aren’t perfect, but are perfect to read about, then Caught! is the novel for you. I give this compilation 5 books.