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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Taste of Passion by Tessa Armytage

Taste of Passion by Tessa Armytage
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full (221 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewed by Bittersweet

“I will donate to charity the sum of a million dollars, if you will apprentice yourself to me for a single night.”

The scene is a press conference. Constance Halliday, talented broadsheet journalist, has just challenged infamous master chef, Alistair Douglas, on the subject of his hot temper. He has returned fire with a challenge of his own. And made refusal impossible.

With a million dollars on the line and a scandalous reputation to erase, Constance suspects that Alistair’s trying to buy himself a pet reporter, but she has no choice than to step from the safety of her cool world and into the heat and sizzle of Alistair’s kitchen.

Ice is about to meet fire – and it looks like Constance is on the menu.

Think of a kitchen filled with food, the tantalizing aromas reaching your nose. Now add to that a dizzying turmoil of suppressed passion, pain, fear and a whole lot of love and you’ve almost got the recipe for A Taste of Passion.

The story centers on the love affair that surges between Constance, a journalist, and Alistair, a professional cook. However, both characters are much more than what their initial jobs depict them as.

As a journalism student, I could easily relate with Constance: her hard-headedness and her endless search for the news. Nevertheless, I could also relate to her from a more human point of view: her fear and reluctance at one-night stands, brief affairs; her shame, her confusion, her uneasy feeling at being in the public’s eye, and what got her into all the trouble from the start, being presumptive and believing in everything she hears.

As for Alistair, I must admit that initially I was not sure what to make of him. Sometimes he seemed annoying, other times charming and funny, and at yet others too demanding. Finally, I discovered that he was simply a human being, a complicated one at that, but a human being with deep emotions for which he was willing to fight for, no matter the cost.

Revolving around these two characters and their affair, Ms. Armytage was able to take me into an interesting ride which included food, writing (two of my favorite passions), tension, laughter and love; a non-stop voyage which left me with an intense desire to learn how to cook and live life to the fullest.