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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Seduce Me by Carly Phillips

Seduce Me by Carly Phillips
Publisher: Harlequin
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full (249 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 5 Books
Reviewed by Tiger Lily

Seduced by a stranger...

Lawyer Mallory Sinclair wants a partnership—almost as much as she wants fellow attorney Jack Latham. Unfortunately, she's worked so hard at making it in a man's world, that nobody's aware that she's even a woman—a very sensual woman. But Jack's about to find out, big time. Because Mallory's about to send him an invitation he can't refuse...

Jack can't believe it! Underneath Mallory's power suits lies a temptress—one determined to seduce him! Not that Jack's complaining... Only, this new Mallory is so uninhibited, so blatantly sexy, Jack can't help wondering if he's sleeping with a stranger, instead of the colleague he's known for years. Still, he'd like their liaison to continue—if only he knew which woman would end up sharing his bed...

What happens when two goal-oriented people end up together on the same divorce case at a tropical resort? Jack Latham must decide if his attraction to Mallory Sinclair is the stuff of fiction or the stuff of dreams come true, especially when she says, Seduce Me.

Ms. Phillips’ writing style doesn’t disappoint either. You laugh, cry, and want to revisit the story over and over again. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. The characters were smooth, but human. They had flaws like everyone, but didn’t use them for sympathy. They accepted each other on face value. Acceptance is hard in this day and age.

Mallory portrays an ice queen because she wants to make it in a man’s world. Who hasn’t sacrificed for the sake of their dreams? She plays the game and when it becomes difficult, she uses the stiff upper lip approach. I admired her conviction.

Jack is a great hero. He starts off cocky and determined to get everything life has to offer. He also admits he has room to grow. He never backed down and he never gave in, even when the staunchest men would. Very sexy.

If you want a steamy read for a cool spring night, then grab a copy of Seduce Me and let Mallory and Jack’s love story take you away. I give this book 5 books.