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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Scandalous by Lori Foster

Scandalous by Lori Foster
Publisher: Harlequin Enterprises, Ltd.
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full (408 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 5 Books
Reviewed by Tiger Lily


Can passion challenge cool, levelheaded reason? Knee-melting kisses spark more than hotelier Tony Austin or boutique owner Olivia Anderson ever planned. He wanted an heir, not a wife. She wanted a no-strings affair…and delicious memories. Scandalous? Perhaps. And it was all going perfectly—until love got in the way.

Sex Appeal

Shadow Callahan sizes up sexy, successful Brent Bramwell as perfect hunk material, ideal for her shopping mall's contest. But take-charge Brent is much more interested in gorgeous, irrepressible Shadow, whose Sex Appeal shop and its, uh, eclectic merchandise make this in-control guy realize he's been missing out. He's got a wild side. And Shadow makes him want to misbehave.
What happens when two headstrong people decide to get together? Sparks fly, although the attraction isn't instantaneous. What happens when the same people realize they’re meant to be? Well, that’s Scandalous.

Lori Foster writes characters that everyone can relate to because the characters are real. They have the same problems you and I might have and end up with sexy love interests to tangle with. Her work is always upbeat and refreshing. She takes tried and true real-life issues and makes them unique. These two stories in one are no exception.

In Scandalized, Olivia owns a tastefully risqué boutique. Tony owns the hotel housing her boutiques. Problem? He wants a baby - hers. What does she want? Him. I liked Tony’s forthright approach: get in, state the problem and solution, and expect and answer. But I loved that his family threw curveballs into his plans. Who doesn’t have the occasional interfering family member? I thought the interactions between Olivia and Tony’s nieces and nephews were sweet and endearing to the reader. It didn’t hurt that Tony was easy on the eyes, either!

In Sex Appeal, Shadow owns a risqué boutique that caters to the fun in sex. She’s not all lace frills. She’s got a biting sense of humor that knocks Brent on his bottom - literally! But where this novel could become a knock off of the previous work, Foster goes in a different direction. No screwy family, but rather a stalker bent on harming Shadow. I liked that Shadow was capable of taking care of herself and not afraid to tell Brent when to leave her alone. I also liked his chivalry. I want to read about characters that I could possibly know and Shadow and Brent are those characters.

There aren’t too many stories that stick with you even past the last page, but both stories featured in Scandalous fit the bill. If you want sassy heroines and hunky heroes who aren't afraid to back down, then grab a copy of Scandalous and let the stories take you away. I give this work 5 books.