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Friday, May 1, 2009

Scandalous by Lori Foster

Scandalous by Lori Foster
Publisher: Harlequin
Genre: Contemporary; Holiday
Length: Full (416 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 5 Books
Reviewed by Hibiscus


Can passion challenge cool, levelheaded reason? Knee-melting kisses spark more than hotelier Tony Austin or boutique owner Olivia Anderson ever planned. He wanted an heir, not a wife. She wanted a no-strings affair…and delicious memories. Scandalous? Perhaps. And it was all going perfectly—until love got in the way.

Sex Appeal

Shadow Callahan sizes up sexy, successful Brent Bramwell as perfect hunk material, ideal for her shopping mall's contest. But take-charge Brent is much more interested in gorgeous, irrepressible Shadow, whose Sex Appeal shop and its, uh, eclectic merchandise make this in-control guy realize he's been missing out. He's got a wild side. And Shadow makes him want to misbehave….

Scandalous is a reissue of two of Ms. Fosters previous works: "Scandalized," issued in 1997, and "Sex Appeal," issued in 2001. I, for one, am glad that they were as it gave me the opportunity to read these wonderful stories.

My favorite of the two was "Scandalized." It was a takeoff on the biological clock running out but in reverse. It is the story of a hotel magnet who thinks he has everything he wants in life except a child.

Tony Austin is every woman’s dream but that is his problem. They all want to sink their claws in him and marry him. Tony wants what his siblings have: children but without the hassle of a wife. He sets upon a methodical search for the woman of his dreams who would have his child and then turn said child over to him with no strings attached.

Olivia Anderson is a business woman with plans to open her lingerie shops all over. She bargains the terms of the contract with Tony thinking only to enjoy a few nights of hot and heavy sex. Unfortunately Olivia gets more than she bargained for when she learns more about a childhood medical condition.

I felt that Tony was glad that Olivia bargained for more than his original terms. I could tell by the way he treated her that he was beginning to care for her. The dinners and overnights that were not in the contract all showed me how much he cared for Olivia.

I also loved Tony’s family. They all accepted Olivia and made her feel welcome, especially after the surprise birthday fiasco.

"Sex Appeal" was a cute story of a contest involving a shopping center, a stalker and a little mixing business with pleasure.

Shadow Callahan is an offbeat sex shop owner that sells fun as well as cute items, many of which she wears. Shadow doesn’t care about looks as evidenced by the many shirts she wears from her store with sexy innuendos emblazed on the front.

Brent Bramwell is the mall owner who falls for Shadow literally, even though he fights his attraction to her. He is always in control and soon finds he likes having fun with Shadow. I loved how Shadow talked him into entering her contest. I could tell he was taken with her as he went against his own rules.

There is a stalker who adds an element of darkness as he tries to keep Shadow to himself. His attacks increase as Brent spends more time with the object of his desire.

I really enjoyed Scandalous. Ms. Foster puts a new slant on two stories that had me laughing one minute and melting the next. I hope that more of the older, hard to obtain stories from one of my favorite authors will continue to be re-issued so I may experience them as well.

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