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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pandora's Justice by Elaine Charton

Pandora's Justice by Elaine Charton
Publisher: Swimming Kangaroo Publishing
Genre: Suspense, Contemporary
Length: Full (244 pages)
Heat: Sweet
Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewed by Snapdragon

Someone is stalking Pandora Reilly, someone dark and sinister, someone who knows things only her ex-husband would know. Her dead ex-husband. Justin Andrews is hired to protect her and her children from the danger surrounding them. Can he save Pandora and her children without sacrificing his heart? Or will his past come back to haunt him?

Pandora’s Justice
is an absolute page-turner. Pandora – finally- stands up for herself, escapes an abusive man, ignores his judgmental family, and takes on life with her own family. She’s got two little kids, a hopeful future in the art world, and…something not quite clear happening around her. Her tough past seems quite over, at the outset of the story. There’s just the odd little thing- like someone moving things, even breaking things, in her studio. Still…whether the 6 year old wants to admit it or not, that‘s the most likely answer: or is it?

Tension builds subtly at the start, and the pace increases until you read breathlessly only wanting to get to the next page. Because…someone wants her dead…Enter the handsome bodyguard, Justin.

He is yet another character that shines: In among stand-outs. You’ll laugh at the little girl “six going on forty:” you know exactly the type, immediately. Pandora is admirable – she isn’t fault free, but has an inner core of determination, that carries her forward. And, Justin, sitting out there on the ‘night shift’ is a very responsible and mostly likable guy. Even the little girl likes him. Pandora acknowledges a certain attraction…she even comes to rely on him. Yet, Justin is everything he represented himself to be – and this is just a job, right?

The plot is amazing; fast and intriguing throughout. The plot keeps you turning the pages: long past bedtime. Nothing is predictable here, nothing commonplace. The Boston High society backdrop in places adds a measure of difference, and friends and admirers from the art world are important. Also important are the short pieces of thought of Pandora’s stalker.

Fun, suspenseful, and immensely readable, Pandora’s Justice is a great read. 4.5 books