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Monday, May 18, 2009

Movin’ Up with J.J. by Kim Sheard

Movin’ Up with J.J. by Kim Sheard
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press, Sweetheart Rose
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (143 pgs)
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 4 Books
Review by Fennel

Alexandra Coulter awaits the temporary worker needed for her Movin’ Up crew to pack and relocate the offices of a patent attorney. When a man strolls toward them, she assumes this is the temp and shouts out instructions. She has a business to run and a deadline to meet, and can’t get distracted by the handsome stranger.

Jacob Edward Chamberlain, Jr. needs to retrieve trade secrets left unsecured, and figures joining the moving crew will accomplish this without jeopardizing his practice. What J.J. doesn’t share is the offices are his and his father is running for New Jersey governor.

Will Alex’s wish to experience something more enjoyable in life than work triumph over J.J.’s deception about his identity?

Question - Who in their right mind would take on a temporary worker who wore a yellow Polo shirt and perfectly creased khaki trousers and mahogany neat leather loafers, and drove a Jaguar, to shift office furniture?

Answer - Alexandra Coulter, owner of the highly successful removal company, Movin' Up.

Alex has worked hard to build up her reputation of reliability, integrity and merit, so when she finds the over-dressed temp destroying information on the white board in the attorney-owner’s office she fires him on the spot.

When the owner of Movin’ Up mistook him for the temporary help, Jacob Chamberlain went along with the error. He had to reach his office to wipe the highly confidential information off the white board in his office before the workers saw it. When the owner of the removal company caught him in the act of wiping the board clean, lawyer/owner Jacob Chamberlain had no option but to leave with half the information still on display.

How will Alex react when she discovers the identity of her so-called temporary worker, and what can Jacob do to persuade her to give him another chance, when he already knows she won’t tolerate liars?

Author Kim Sheard has created characters the reader can connect with, with the exception of Stacey Keys. The scene at the opera seemed a little contrived, and it took several pages more to reveal why Alex reacted as she did. Her scene setting carries the reader easily. Her use of speech to move the story forward is well done, as seen during the Supporters’ Congress.

This story will appeal to readers who enjoy an easy read, with enough sub-plots that weave through the story and help to bring it to the required HEA conclusion.

I enjoyed this story, and give it ‘four books’.