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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Holly’s Inbox by Holly Denham

Holly’s Inbox by Holly Denham
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full (665 pages)
Heat: Sweet
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewed by Hibiscus

It’s Holly Denham’s first day as a receptionist at a busy corporate bank, and frankly, it’s obvious she can’t quite keep up.

Take a peek at her email and you’ll see why: what with her crazy friends, dysfunctional family, and gossipy co-workers, Holly’s inbox is a daily source of drama. Laughter, friendship, and romantic interludes keep her going, until one day, Holly’s secret past begins to catch up with her…

Written entirely in emails, this compulsively readable UK smash hit will keep you laughing and turning the pages all the way to its surprising and deeply satisfying ending.

10% work, 90% family and friends. Big business beware. Holly’s inbox is a rollicking tale of multi-tasking at its finest.

Holly Denham is a sweet young woman trying to make a way for herself in London. Just coming off a bad marriage and losing her position in the company she ran with her ex, Holly takes a job as a receptionist in a large corporate bank. As I made my way through the emails, I found myself drawn into the life of a sensitive, caring woman who is looking for a bit of love herself.

The day to day dealings with utility and delivery companies are situations that I’ve dealt with and could relate to. The spam emails, courtesy of her grandmother and brother, are hilarious. And I thought Holly’s family was a riot. I found myself chuckling and bursting out in laughter as I read of her very unique family. From a lonely grandmother who dances at her retirement village and a sister who requests British mice sent for her husband who raises snakes, to her quirky, fetish club want to be owner brother, the familial manipulations had me in stitches. Friends, both old and new, added to the fascinating reading in Holly’s daily life.

Loves lost then found had me cheering for Holly and her friends in this delightful look into her life. I hope you will agree with me that it is definitely worth a look into Holly’s Inbox.