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Friday, May 8, 2009

Cast a Pale Shadow by Barbara Scott

Cast a Pale Shadow by Barbara Scott
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary; Mystery/Suspense
Length: Full (324 pages)
Heat: Sweet
Rating: Best Book
Reviewed by Larkspur

A woman in need of rescuing.A man with a tortured past.The shadow who haunts them both.

Rescued as she flees her abusive family by the mysterious Nicholas Brewer, Trissa Kirk is charmed by his kindness. But Nicholas has a dark past to hide and a fierce determination to retain full grasp of his present. Always the shadow of his other self, Cole, threatens to overtake him. It is Cole who guards his most dreaded memories and Cole who has stolen great swatches of his time when Nicholas ceases to exist. Throughout his adult life Nicholas has sought the magic to ward off those blank times. When he thinks he has found such magic in Trissa, what desperate measures will he take to make it last?

Together, in a boarding house filled with an eclectic group of people, Trissa and Nicholas patch together a substitute family they hope will buffer them from a world that has not been kind to either of them. Their progress toward this goal is threatened by a confrontation which ends in murder and the reemergence of Cole. Now Trissa must summon the strength to discover which of her two loves is man and which is shadow.

Let me start by saying WOW!! In Cast a Pale Shadow, Barbara Scott gives us a magnificent psychological drama. It’s a hauntingly beautiful love story starring two tortured souls ravaged by cruelty and abuse. A love story so pure it pulls our hero and heroine from the brink of madness and toward a journey to salvation. A story of degradation where there should have been a safe harbor.

Ms. Scott is a masterful storyteller whose dialogue imagery is so vivid, the pages literally paint themselves in your mind. Her main characters are multi-dimensional broken souls that you can’t help but cheer on every time they take one step forward. The supporting cast was an eclectic group that you’d want to have in your own life, and her villains were the stuff of your worst nightmares. Her dreamscape sequences fill in the missing puzzle pieces of the storyline/plot in wonderful detail. The author delves into some very taboo social issues with expertise and compassion. My heart was in my throat from the very first page.

Barbara Scott hits a huge homerun with her exceptional novel Cast a Pale Shadow. It was a book that was impossible to put down. This novel will appeal to any lover of great dramatic literature, any lover of fiction with a message to tell and any one who loves great romance. Keep the tissues close.

Bravo, Barbara!!