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Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Bride Wore Blue by Cillian Burns

The Bride Wore Blue by Cillian Burns
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full (282 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewed by Camellia

Wounded war correspondent Brett Peters returns home from Iraq to the biggest shock of his life—a son he didn’t know he had. Ten years before, he had left Beth Phillips behind, bitterly certain she did not love him enough to go with him to the Middle East. He’d moved on, he thought...until he set eyes on Beth and his son, Ryan.

Beth knew the Middle East was no place for a baby, but chose not to tell Brett the truth. She loved him too much to ask him not to go, but memories of Brett’s blue eyes and dark hair still haunt her dreams.

Brett finds Beth to be a self-sufficient local news anchor, as well as a highly desirable woman he wants desperately. But will Beth trust him enough to let him into her life? And is it too late for happy endings?
Ryan’s expressions “cool” and “awesome describe The Bride Wore Blue perfectly.

Beth Phillips, nine-year-old Ryan’s mom, made a decision ten years ago that set the pattern for her life. Now, a successful anchor for WKSS news in Orlando, she sees Brett Peter on CNN and memories “clawed their way to the surface.” As she sees the “weary wisdom” in his eyes and streaks of gray in his hair, the “what ifs” come and she knows “her heart has spent its life entwined with his.” However, she stands firm in her long-ago decision and plans to tell Brett the truth when he returns to Orlando.

Brett Peter, a foreign correspondent, returns to his sister’s home to recuperate from a serious wound he received in Iraq while saving a little girl and her dog. He finds himself next door to Beth, his best friend since second grade and the woman he’d planned to spend his life with until he left for the Middle East and she opted to stay home. He didn’t know why she decided to stay, but he did know he had destroyed their “oneness” with his pride and anger. Commitment and being tied down still scare him, but when he sees Beth and Ryan, he has lots of sorting out to do.

The Bride Wore Blue resonates with a love so deeply rooted it survives a ten year drought then springs back to life. Cillian Burns writes so realistically that readers get to vicariously experience a wealth of emotions that make the story vibrate with life and love. Her writing style, with so many memorable phrases, is a joy to read. Phrases like “her heart splinters into a thousand fragile pieces,” “at one time he was the moon, she the tide and everything seemed so right,” and “he wanted a roaring fire but not willing to chop the wood” are just a few.

The goodness in both Brett and Beth are revealed as they deal with obstacles, manipulative people, and pressures of being true to themselves while being true to each other. This story of love deferred but not destroyed, is terrific reading.