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Friday, May 1, 2009

A Body to Die For by Kimberly Raye

A Body to Die For by Kimberly Raye
Publisher: Harlequin
Genre: Contemporary; Paranormal
Length: Full (217 pages)
Heat: Hot
Rating: 5 books
Reviewed by Tiger Lily

Vampire Viviana Darland is on a quest: to recapture the best orgasm of her almost-eternal life, before her impulsive past (namely the two revenge-driven vampires she created) catches up with her. Surely she's due at least one last earthly pleasure? And with Garret Sawyer, pleasure is always a sure thing....

Garret, a fellow vamp, has a hundred years' sexual experience under his, uh, belt...but he's never forgotten his first love, Viviana...or her bitter betrayal. So is he glad to see her? No. Can he resist giving her the screaming O she so desperately needs? Hell, no!

But Garret's on a quest of his own. He's this close to finding and destroying his sire, thereby regaining his humanity. Only, little does he guess his search will lead him right back to the woman sharing his bed....

What’s sexier than a hunk who builds custom motorcycles for a living? Knowing that he’s a vampire driven by sex. Just what Viviana Darland needs, except that she doesn’t want to want him. Too bad. Garret Sawyer has A Body to Die For and Viviana just might make that choice.

In this installment of Kimberly Raye’s cowboy/vampire Love at First Bite series, Viviana turned Garret and he wants to repay her favor, if he can get past the fact that he lusts for her. Sounds easy? Not when the lusting goes both ways. Both characters are headstrong and determined to have their way – with each other and that makes this novel pop! Watching them dance around the fact that they want each other is only one of the fun parts of this work. It doesn’t hurt that Garret is way easy on the eyes especially when he’s determined to land Viviana!

Kimberly Raye is known for her snappy writing and A Body to Die For keeps up this reputation. The plot is tight and keeps the reader in his or her seat to the very last page. I enjoyed seeing the characters from the previous novels and loved how Ms. Raye twined them in the story.

If you like vampires and have a soft spot for alpha male cowboys, then A Body to Die For is just the novel for you. This one’s on my keeper shelf! I give this novel 5 books.