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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Baby and All by Paige Warren

Baby and All by Paige Warren
Publisher: Wild Horse Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short (63 pages)
Heat: Sensual
Rating: 3 Books
Reviewed by Edelweiss

Fiona is tired of running. She'd made one stupid mistake, by the name of Garret. Pregnant and on the run, she collapses near a small town. Lucky for her, Aidan happens along.

Aidan Forrest first notices the car on the side of the road. When he gets closer and sees a woman slumped over the steering wheel, he rushes to check on her. Imagine his surprise when he sees that she's pregnant.

Fighting an attraction for his unexpected guest, Aidan wishes that Fiona would be more open with him. He knows that she's in trouble; just one look into her haunted eyes tells him that much.

With Garrett on her trail, Fiona knows she can't stay with Aidan for long. But oh how she wants to! Being in his arms makes her feel safe, something she hasn't felt in quite a while. Is it foolish to wish she could have a happily ever after? Or will her wish come true?

Fiona is a girl in trouble: broke, seven months pregnant, fleeing the abusive boyfriend who fathered her child, and now she finds herself broken down on a Texas country road. Aidan is the trucker who happens to spot her and stops to assist.

"Baby and All" is the heartwarming story of their unusual love story and how they deal with the enraged former lover who won’t take no for an answer. The suspense centers on the inevitable confrontation, and the mounting tension gives the love story a certain poignancy. Amidst the threat of violence, impending and foreboding, we are treated to fairy tale romance involving players who never dreamed it could be so right. My only objection is that Aidan as a character initially comes across as a little too good to be true as the rescuing knight in shining armor. Once past that early rough spot, we are free to cheer the lovers on toward the climactic scene that determines the fate of what has started so well.