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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Witches Anonymous by Misty Evans

Witches Anonymous by Misty Evans
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Comedy
Length: Short
Heat Level: Hot
Rating: 4 Books
Review by Snapdragon

Can a bad witch go good in thirteen steps? Not if Lucifer has his way with her!

A Tickle My Fantasy story.

Amy Atwood is a witch. Not the harm-none kind…the Satan-worshipping, devil-made-me-do-it kind. But after catching Lucifer in a particularly wicked hex act with her goodie-two-shoes Wiccan sister, Amy does what every self-respecting witch would do. She pops a Dove chocolate in her mouth, ends her affair with the devil, and swears an oath never to use magic again.

She wants to be normal. Human. Even if it means no more fun—and she’s looking for a nice, normal guy to complement her new lifestyle. And ice-cream-loving firefighter Adam Foster looks like perfect hero material.

Lucifer, however, isn’t about to be nice about letting her go. Stalked by Satan, manipulated by the angel Gabriel—and surprised by Adam’s true identity—Amy finds herself up to her black hat in trouble of Biblical proportions…

Misty Evan’s stirs up a cauldron a magical potion of love and fun in ‘Witches Anonymous.’

You’ll be bewitched by the attitude! Witch Amy Atwood is even ticked off with the Devil himself. But as luck would have it, she does manage to meet a seriously good looking guy…until she remembers her earlier decision. Curses! No lust-potion here. Is good-witching all about confessions? From the first blatant hex to the bumbling up other people’s broomsticks, it isn’t till she meets witch Liddy (and step 5) that Amy realizes she might even be considered a witch among witches…and then her favorite chocolates start her down the road to burning at the stake.

Speaking of fire: If you are going to take on the Devil himself, it’s good to have a fireman on your side. Tough decisions do seem to be Amy’s lot in life.

This snappy, first person narrative is straightforward, and much of the dialogue is quick, quirky or downright funny. All the characters are ‘real characters;’ there isn’t one ho-hum stereotype you’ll recognize in the story, unless you’ve found Cain and Abel kicking around with the dust-bunnies under your bed recently, too. Some of Amy’s challenges bring less reader tension than frustration; at times you do want to yell, ‘get on with it.’ Lucifer’s tendency to be whiny is slightly out of character from his more powerful scenes. However, overall, this is quick, with an original storyline, some hotter-than hell moments, and a good many giggles.

“Witches Anonymous” puts together one supernaturally sexy incantation from beginning to end.