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Monday, April 27, 2009

Winter of the Heart by E.G. Parsons

Winter of the Heart by E.G. Parsons
Publisher: Createspace
Genre: Historical
Length: Full (311 pgs)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewee by Lilac

Brutalized by a man she can never love, Megan Connors flees her Virginia home to start a new life as a schoolteacher on a South Carolina ranch. Steeped in the serenity of her new surroundings, Megan feels her dreams of a good life are finally coming true. Indeed, life would be perfect if not for her infuriatingly rude employer, the wealthy ranch owner Charles Donavan. Unable to deny her growing attraction to Charles, Megan soon discovers the chilling secret behind his grim existence. Determined to help Charles free himself from the ghosts of his past, Megan soon finds herself a target for the wrath of another who stakes a claim to Charles' love. Megan must defeat a powerful enemy, and confront the demons of her own past if she and Charles are to find happiness and escape the dark shadow that falls across them both.

This touching historical takes readers on an emotional journey that is hard to forget as a woman in an abusive relationship seeks to make a better life for herself and finds a love she never expected.

The story gets off to a heartbreaking start as get a glimpse of the past that haunts the hero, Charles Donovan. Still haunted by this past, wealthy rancher Charles has hired Megan Connors to teach the children who live on his ranch not knowing that the lovely young woman is running from a past she is trying to hide. And when that past catches up to her it could ruin the budding relationship that exists between Megan and Charles.

I was captivated by this story and I could not wait to see what would happen next. It was a very emotional read and my heart ached for both Megan and Charles. They made an interesting couple, but there are several obstacles standing in their way of happiness. As they seek to overcome these obstacles they both take an emotional journey full of heartache and misunderstandings that threatens to destroy the love they feel for one another.

The secondary characters of the story greatly affect Charles and Megan’s relationship. These characters include the ghost of Charles’s first wife, a scheming neighbor who wants Charles for herself, Megan’s abusive husband, and a young preacher who helps Megan in her time of need. Each character really enhanced the story making it quite enjoyable.

I wasn’t too fond of the ending of the story as I felt it was a bit abrupt and rushed. But it does hint at the possibility of more to come and I would truly love to see that.

Although I felt there were a few loose ends, as a whole the characters and story came together to form a very entertaining read.