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Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Watson Brothers by Lori Foster

The Watson Brothers by Lori Foster
Publisher: Kensington
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full (285 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 5 Books
Reviewed by Tiger Lily

The Watson Brothers contains the stories of Sam, Gil, and Pete Watson. "My House, My Rules," "Bringing Up Baby," and "Good With His Hands"

Three brothers, three women with their lives woven into three tales of how love conquers all. Such is the story of The Watson Brothers.

Lori Foster is known for her witty, sexy writing and The Watson Brothers lives up to that reputation. Each character’s story is great in this anthology and equally interesting on its own.

In "My House, My Rules," Sam Watson can’t get Ariel Mathers out of his head and she wants it that way. I liked the theme of wanting someone even though it may not be the best situation. Readers can relate to Ariel’s struggle to gain Sam’s notice and her ingenuity to win his affection. Her take-charge attitude will remind readers of friends, or maybe even themselves.

In "Bringing Up Baby," Gil Watson finds out that a weekend fling three years ago has an end result – a two year old little girl. This story deals with his struggle to come to terms with his past and Anabel Truman, the woman taking care of the little girl in his present. I found the scene in the bathroom where Nikki, the little girl, tells Gil that he’s “whiskery and Mommy’s not,” so cute! I liked Anabel’s decision to stick with Gil even if he didn’t want her in order to take care of the child she knows is hers.

In "Good With His Hands," youngest brother Pete Watson lusts after his next door neighbor and best friend Cassidy McClannahan. This story was like watching two of my closest friends come to terms with the fact that they really did love each other for more than friends. Ms. Foster uses the theme that sometimes what you think you want is totally wrong for you and the best thing for you is right in the palm of your hand and readers can relate to this.

If you want a fun read with lots of quirks and twists, then pick up a copy of The Watson Brothers and let it carry you away. I give this novel 5 books.