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Thursday, April 9, 2009

To His Mistress by Ann Tracy Marr

To His Mistress by Ann Tracy Marr
Publisher: Awe-Struck E-Books
Genre: Historical; Paranormal
Length: Full
Rating: 4 books
Reviewed by Camellia

There's always two sides to a Regency story.

Katherine Scoville wants to enjoy a season, not marry the Earl of Shelton, but she resolves to be a congenial wife. Shelton detests fortune hunters, and here he is, forced to wed one. He will divorce the scheming Katherine if it is the last thing he does. Then, he can make her his mistress.

Everything gets in their way.

Shelton's mother, countess and magician's apprentice, will not allow that dark haired ninny to step into her shoes.

Briggs, the butler and powerful magician, will kill two birds with one spell: settle Shelton and Katherine and teach Elvira a lesson.

With magic flying, will Shelton offer his heart to his wife or his body to his mistress?

Mores and morals of the Napoleonic War Era fuel events that have the Earl of Shelton and Katherine Scoville working at cross-purposes.

Katherine, with her head chocked full of her kindly governess’ teachings about being a lady, with a goodly dose of King Arthur tales mixed in, finds herself out of her depth immediately. Her conniving Uncle Charles along with the misused magic spells of Elvira Shelton and Mr. Briggs send her life spinning out of control.

Alexander Shelton, Earl of Shelton, the epitome of a wealthy, privileged young man of the aristocracy, feels trapped. He is sure the innocent, naïve Katherine is a part of a plot that forces him to marry her and treats her accordingly. His way of life is so far removed from anything Katherine has known, she fails to understanding what is happening much of the time.

Elvira Shelton and Hector Briggs play havoc with the young couples lives with misused magic but in so doing bring judgment on themselves because “A magician dares not step beyond the society he lives in”. The Council of Mages deems innocence sacred and a magician must never tinker with the balance of life. They believe “It is for God to determine the course of life not magicians.”

Ann Tracy Marr uses poetry in the novel to reveal much to the reader but her own writing is very poetic at times – such a pleasure to read. Oh yes, her love scenes throb with life and sensuality.

To His Mistress belabors a few points overmuch but it stirs such a wealth of emotions that the reader is enticed to keep turning pages searching for some possible way for Katherine and Alexander to bridge the gap between aristocrat and commoner so their love can find its way to a happy-ever-after.