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Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Priestess of Infinity by Ana Star

The Priestess Of Infinity by Ana Star
Publisher: Mystic Moon Press, LLC
Genre: Action/Adventure; Contemporary; Fantasy
Length: Full (244 pages)
Heat: Sweet
Rating: 3.5 Books
Reviewed by Orchid

After the sudden death of her parents, Cat moves in with her grandmother and from then on, she experiences weird dreams involving the old mirror in her room. Dreams that are so vivid, they almost feel real and in a matter of days, her dreams become reality. Forced to cross over the magical mirror, she is thrown into a world of fairies and legends where nothing is what it seems. Unknown enemies want her dead, while numerous allies foresee her as Infinity's savior. All Cat wants is to return home before she can, she has to follow the trail an ancient queen has left her and save Infinity from ultimate destruction.

Can she survive the dangerous world of fairies and overcome the evil force menacing both our worlds?

Cat blames herself for her parents’ death, even though her grandmother and the police tell her it was an accident. Strange dreams haunt her sleep; nightmares of a young girl who looks just like Cat, but who lives in a world of elves and fairies. Drawn to the mirror in her room, she reaches out to its wavy surface and suddenly finds herself in the realm of her dreams.

Half formed memories pop to the surface of her mind, often causing her to be overwhelmed by darkness. She discovers she is in the land of Infinity. This land is closely aligned with her home planet, but dark evil is creeping across it. Cat is told she is the heir to the light and only she can save both her own world and Infinity, the land of the Fairies.

Memories of not one, but two loves cloud her mind: Raven, the prince of Hope Kingdom, and Phalantis, an elf from the White Woods Village in the Enchanted Forest. She also remembers Phoenix, Raven’s brother, who wanted to marry her and became mentally unstable when she refused him. Phoenix is now the ruler of Infinity and he is responsible for the darkness clouding the land.

Confused by her visions of her past life, Cat follows her instinct, but even this leads her down the wrong path. Her trust in the goodness deep within herself and others saves her several times, but will it be strong enough to keep her safe on her journey to the light?

The story of Cat and her journey into the realm of the Fairies was well researched. The Fae creatures were not all pleasant; some of the fairies were not exactly evil, but certainly not nice. Ms Star introduced some creatures that were new to me, but which were definitely necessary for the story. The land of Infinity came alive as Cat traveled across the realm from fortress, to temple and into the Enchanted Forest.

I liked The Priestess of Infinity and felt it had great potential. Unfortunately the editing let it down. There were just too many mistakes to overlook. Errors in grammar, wrongly used words, and typos made concentration on the story rather difficult.

This could be a truly wonderful book. It has all the mystique of fairies, elves and monsters. It’s the sort of book where you become one with the heroine as she struggles to find her way to the truth. I wish Ms Star well in her future writing and would be happy to read any future books of hers.