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Friday, April 10, 2009

Orphans in the Storm by Anna C. Bowling

Orphans in the Storm by Anna C. Bowling
Publisher: Awe-Struck E-Books
Genre: Historical
Length: Full
Heat: Sweet
Rating: 4 books
Reviewed by Camellia

The Hidden Countess:

A black robe brought Jonnet Killey to the Isle of Man and a black robe would take her away to the noble English family she has never known.

The King’s Man:

All Simon Burke wants is to carry out his mission to return Jonnet to her birth mother and secure the funds to help finance Charles Stuart’s return to British soil.

An Adventure in Exile:

A new life awaits Jonnet, with a mother on the brink of madness and a treacherous uncle who will stop at nothing to keep Jonnet’s inheritance to himself. While the end of exile nears, danger mounts. Can Simon and Jonnet depend on their newfound love to sustain them while the storm of treachery rages around them?

“What happened to me?”/ “Life.”/ ”I don’t think I like it much.”/ “Perhaps not but you’ll have another chance tomorrow.”

This short exchange gives us insight into the lives of the characters and the theme of Anna Bowling’s novel that is set in the mid 1600’s -- a time when the war between Cromwell and the king wrecked lives and fortunes of many English citizens. Jonnet’s and Simon’s lives are caught up in the struggle. They seem to be little more than pawns in a chess game yet love tiptoes in despite all the intrigue, treachery, and privation.

Anna Bowling creates some memorable characters that touch the heart and give the reader pause about the values held near and dear in one’s life. One of these characters is Mawd who weathers the “slings and arrows” of life with strength and courage -- traits she instills in Jonnet. These traits serve Jonnet well when Simon takes her to distant places while furthering the cause of the king. While some of the secondary do little to enhance the story or move the plot along, they do make the reader realize how disrupted lives were at that time in history.

If you enjoy British historical stories and sweet love that withstands tribulation, Orphans in the Storm will waft you away to a time when “a changeling child who haunts the coast like a wraith” becomes important to the restoration of a kingdom.