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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Operation Sheba by Misty Evans

Operation Sheba by Misty Evans
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Inc.
Genre: Contemporary; Suspense
Length: Full (337 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 5 Books
Reviewed by Camellia

Hotshot spies never die. They just slip undercover.

Julia Torrison—codename Sheba—is keeping secrets.

Seventeen months ago she was a CIA superagent, tracking down dangerous terrorists with her partner and lover, Conrad Flynn. A mission was blown, literally, when a bomb Julia built exploded early and Conrad died.

Yanked back to Langley and given a new identity, she is now the Counterterrorism Center’s top analyst, spending her days at CIA headquarters and her nights in the bed of her boss. Her former life as a secret agent has been sealed off. Like her heart.

Conrad Flynn—codename Solomon—has his own secrets. For starters, he’s not dead. Going under the deepest cover possible, he faked his death to save Julia’s life. Now he must tear her life apart and ask her to help him hunt down a traitor: her new love.

Is Con a rogue agent or just a jealous ex-lover? To find out, Julia will have to enter a web of seduction and betrayal to play the spy game of her life using nothing more than her iPod—and her intuition.

Julia warns: “Beware of sexy spies bearing gifts. Trust no one and sleep with a gun under your pillow.” Conrad warns: “Sex, lies and tantalizing suspense…don’t worry, I’ll protect you.”

Ah, yes! Sexy spies and secret solders make Sheba and Solomon’s suspenseful story something special to savor. Mystery, intrigue, and heart stopping action grip the reader and hold on tight.

Julia Torrison (Sheba) is now Abigail Quinn and works analyzing terrorists for the CIA rather than doing fieldwork. Thinking she built the bomb that killed her partner, Conrad Flynn (Solomon), she is touched by director Michael Stone’s caring concern and soon succumbs to his charm. He loves her as she strives to free herself of the nightmares that make her relive her past. Only when she learns Conrad faked his death does she once again become the fearless, charismatic, tough, risk taker. Tenacious as a pit bull, she sets in to uncover the traitors who make up a shadow CIA that is crippling the agency and caused the death of five agents. She is a survivor but hurt runs deep as she feels Conrad, her partner and true love, betrayed her.

Conrad Flynn, with his “superior operational brain, courage to act, cool logic, hyperawareness” is a smart, cunning risk taker, but he is also a rogue agent that is out of favor with the powers-that-be. His love for Julia, for his country, and for justice create problems that threaten his very life as well as his career, and his chance for finding happiness with Julia. He is a flawed hero on a tough journey.

Misty Evans does a masterful job of developing vibrant, believable characters that inhabit a world full of international and personal intrigue—a world where greed, the desire for power and vengeance drive the antagonists’ actions as they contrive to defeat Good with Evil. The action scenes are an adrenaline rush while the love scenes are astounding. The smooth, unobtrusive writing style of Misty Evans keeps the reader totally involved.

Operation Sheba is the first of what appears to be a series. Look for more about these complex characters in I'd Rather be in Paris as Misty Evans takes the reader along with the characters as they work to make the world a safer place so Good can thrive.

I recommend Operation Sheba for a keeper.