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Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Guardian Angel by K.R. Bailey

My Guardian Angel by K. R. Bailey
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary; Holiday (Christmas)
Length: Short (59 pages)
Heat: Sweet
Rating: 3.5 Books
Reviewed by Lilac

After thirty-eight years of marriage, Emma Clawson is alone. A widow. Her husband has always taken care of everything, the fields, the yard, even plowing snow off the driveway. She’s spent her life caring for her husband and family. Now she must find a way to move on. But how?

Joe Bailey, a handsome widower, involved with a rich, beautiful woman, finds their relationship is lacking. His family has encouraged him to date, but the women he meets don’t fill the empty void deep in his heart.

When Joe is asked to help harvest the fields for a neighbor, he is drawn to the pretty brown-haired widow with the sad, lonely eyes. She is fighting the ravages of loneliness and insecurity, and he longs to be there to help and care for her. Can he find the way into her heart? Will she allow him to help her learn to live again?

In this sweet and touching romance, a widow and a widower find love, demonstrating that you are never too old for romance.

Emma Clawson finds herself facing her first Christmas alone following the death of her husband. As she struggles to adjust to life alone, neighbor and widower Joe Bailey offers assistance and comfort as he knows the heartache and loneliness that the widow is facing. He is drawn to Emma and longs to help her heal and deal with the pain.

I found it quite refreshing that the hero and heroine of this story were an older couple complete with children and grandchildren. As they interacted and got to know one another, I found their nervousness quite charming as they almost seemed like two teenagers discovering love for the first time. It was very sweet. I was also touched by the heartache and loneliness that they both deal with having lost their spouses. It was heartbreaking to see the grief and uncertainty that Emma experiences, but I was touched by Joe and his understanding.

While I enjoyed and was touched by this story, I found it to be too short and almost felt like the beginning of a story rather than the entire story. I would have loved more and to seen what happens between Emma and Joe as their relationship progresses.

Despite this, "My Guardian Angel" is a touching story that definitely pulls at the heartstrings while entertaining the reader.