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Friday, April 17, 2009

Kiss of a Demon King by Kresley Cole

Kiss of a Demon King by Kresley Cole
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Genre: Action/Adventure; Paranormal; Sci-Fi/Fantasy; Suspense
Length: Full (417 pages)
Heat: Hot
Rating: 5 books
Reviewed by Tiger Lily


Sabine, Sorceress of Illusions: the evil beauty who surrenders her body, but not her heart.


Rydstrom Woede: the ruthless warrior who vows to keep her at all costs.


With each smoldering encounter, their shared hunger only increases. If they can defeat the sinister enemy that stands between them, will Sabine make the ultimate sacrifice for her demon? Or will the proud king lay down his crown and arms to save his sorceress?

He’s a Demon King who isn’t looking for a queen. She’s a Sorceress who’s looking to create another life. What happens when they pair up? Sabine just may find she enjoys the Kiss of a Demon King.

I can’t get enough of Kresley Cole’s intelligent, cunning characters in this series. Sabine is full of pluck and vinegar and that only makes the reader love her more. She does things her way and her way only. Beyond that, she’s got a trick or two up her sleeve. You can’t take your eye off her or she’ll attack your weakest point, as Rydstrom Woede finds out. He’s the mighty king of the Demons and he’s tall, dark, brooding, and handsome to boot. He thinks he wants a good demoness to be his queen, except that all the demoness’ he’s slept with don’t really turn his key. He convinces himself that his mate will never come, until he meets Sabine. She’s his best naughty dreams wrapped up in a gold-loving Soceri package. Issue? They don’t trust each other and that’s what makes the story sizzle. They need to team up to overthrow Omort, the sorcerer who’s taken up residency in Rydstrom’s castle. Omort’s a great character because he keeps the reader’s attention. How bad can one man truly be?

There are many moments in this novel that the reader can relater to. True, the story consists of Lore characters, but they have human issues. Trust is earned not granted at whim, which is a concept that many people fail to understand. Also, the characters need to follow their hearts even when their orders are the exact opposite. You fall for who you fall for. Let it happen.

My favorite part was Sabine’s interaction with the orphan demon child Puck. They had nothing in common, but because she didn’t give up paying attention to him and she laughed with him, he loved her for it. Very sweet.

If you want a sexy romance with lots of action, adventure, demons, and crafty characters, then grab a copy of Kiss of a Demon King and lose yourself. I give this novel 5 books.