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Monday, April 20, 2009

Jenny's Passion by Diane Wylie

Jenny's Passion by Diane Wylie
Publisher: Vintage Romance Publishing
Genre: Historical
Length: Full (274 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Camellia

It was November 1863, and Captain David Reynolds of the Seventeenth Pennsylvania Cavalry was fully prepared to die. Someone had once told him that dying was quite painless. He didn’t believe it, though he secretly hoped it was true as he and his men prepared to ride into chaos and horror. The battle of Mine Run had begun.

Jennifer Winston could hear the booming sounds of cannon fire miles away from her Virginia home. She knew that the war had begun two years ago but had been insulated from it all by her father. Little did she know that her life was about to irrevocably change, and she would be tested to the limits of her courage and endurance for a man—a man who was the enemy.

Caught in a horrific conflict not of their own making, Jennifer Winston and Captain David Reynolds are drawn to each other. Yet, they seem to be in an untenable situation with Jenny bound by loyalty and duty to her Southern family while David is bound by duty and loyalty to the North’s cause in the Civil War.

Jenny, a healer and natural nurturer, tends the wounded, unconscious David secretly even though he is supposed to be the enemy. Soon she knows he is the love of her life. To save his life, she enlists the help of the slaves on their plantation. His association with the slaves adds a poignant sub-plot to the story.

David, dedicated to his men and the Union cause, struggles with his love for Jenny as his conscience prods him to go back and lead his men in battle. David’s strength of character, loyalty, courage, perseverance, and ability to love deeply makes a character that will long be remembered.

The many secondary characters add intriguing sub-plots to the enduring love story of Jenny and David. The stories of the slaves, the undercurrent of the changing social structure, the deprivation of people in the South, and heartbreaking Andersoville prison events that reveal so much about loyalty, betrayal, caring, and indifference as men are stressed to their limits.

Napoleon, David’s war-trained stallion, and Romulus, Jenny’s dog, play significant roles in making the story memorable. Also, the weather, so well described by Diana Wylie adds to the sensory impact of many events that occur.

Jenny's Passion gives the reader a fresh look at many types of relationships during the Civil War, but Jenny’s and David’s irrepressible love tops them all. GOOD READING!