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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I'd Rather Be in Paris by Misty Evans

I'd Rather Be in Paris by Misty Evans
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary; Suspense
Length: Full (280 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 5 books
Reviewed by Camellia

He makes the rules. She breaks them. This battle of wills just crossed the line…to deadly.

Super Agent Series, Book 2

Elite CIA operative Zara Morgan has a reputation as a loose cannon with a penchant for breaking the rules. Now she’s got a chance to prove she can be a competent field officer, but the test doesn’t end there. She’s been paired with sexy covert ops team leader Lawson Vaughn, a man who lives and breathes protocol.

Methodical is Lawson’s middle name. He specializes in high-risk search and rescue, not missions that involve tracking down terrorists. Especially while trying to keep the lid on a partner who has a problem with authority and skates by on wits and bravado.

Even before they get on the plane for Paris they’re under each other’s skin…and fighting a scorching sexual attraction. Drawn into an unauthorized game of vengeance, Lawson is forced to dance a tightrope in order to protect his partner from their quarry—a terrorist who’s about to unleash a biological nightmare on the Muslim world. And Zara is the first target.

With her life, and that of millions of innocent people, on the line, Lawson must become the one thing he despises. A renegade.

Considered a pampered rich girl turned “spook”, Zara Morgan thrives on making the world a safer place after 911. Betrayal, a repeated theme throughout the story, has been a driving force in her life for as long as she can remember and now colors her mode of operation. She learned how to “delude, deceive, and distract" extremely well as she trained with Conrad Flynn at the Farm of CIA. A ballerina turned spy, Zara stays true to the ballerina basic law “APLOMB” (perfect balance) as she carries out assignments. She also remembers her dance teacher saying, “Remember we only get one life, you can’t shrink away from challenges just because you’re scared”. It takes all her skills as she works a new mission with a new partner, Lawson Vaughn, the hard-nosed leader of Pegasus Rescue Team.

Commander Lawson Vaughn, accustomed to being in charge, is thrown off balance by the antics of his new partner from the beginning when she shows up at the airport in an attention-getting, sexy red silk dress for a covert mission. He is convinced he needs to neutralize her and accomplish the mission alone—easier said than done. Though older, more experienced, tempered like steel and deadly intense, Lawson misjudges Zara’s abilities, He plans to use a firm hand to teach her limits, common sense and to guide her. However, he is beset by images that flash through his mind—images of Zara asleep in the claw-foot bathtub, the diamond navel ring in her bellybutton, the red silk dress flowing around her sensuous body, and pink boots with four-inch stilettos topped with a denim mini skirt. When the chips are down, he realizes Zara’s ability, resourcefulness, training, and fast thinking are invaluable while saving lives and completing a mission.

Misty Evans creates protagonists flawed from passed experiences, but they use their hard-won wisdom from those experiences to derail a sinister plot to use designer biological drugs for a type of ethnic cleansing. She creates antagonists that are credible opponents for the protagonists. They are powerful, well connected and have voracious appetites for POWER and CONTROL. Other secondary characters add levels of intrigue, mystery, and delightful humor to the story.

I'd Rather Be in Paris touches on relevant issues in our real world and gives the reader lots of food for thought while it entertains in spellbinding fashion with fast action, scary situations, fabulous settings, and knock-you-socks-off love scenes—another great book for the romance reader’s library.