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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Getting Rid of Bradley by Jennifer Crusie

Getting Rid of Bradley by Jennifer Crusie
Publisher: Harlequin
Genre: Action/Adventure; Contemporary
Length: Full (264 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 5 books
Reviewed by Tiger Lily

Lucy Savage is finally getting rid of Bradley—and his hideous green recliner. Bradley is out of her life for good. Or so she thinks. Turns out Officer Zack Warren wants to arrest the very same Bradley for embezzlement and figures the lovely Lucy can lead him straight to his target.

Good thing there's a cop around. Because someone shoots at Lucy and then blows up her car. Zack insists she needs twenty-four-hour protection. What does he think her three dogs and attack cat are for? Still, he insists on moving right in to Lucy's house.

Now there's danger lurking outside and in her own kitchen, bathroom—and bedroom. Or maybe Zack is just what Lucy needs.…

She wants to unload a husband and he wants to catch an embezzler. Lucy Savage knows her marriage is a sham. Her husband cheated on her and she’s ready to move on. So why does a certain cop insist on moving in? Because Detective Zack Warren wants to aid the plan called Getting Rid of Bradley.

I loved this story. This was my first foray into the world of Jennifer Crusie and I am officially hooked. Each scene delivered laughs mixed with a few tears. Her characters are strong yet independent while still easy to see them as friends or coworkers. Their passion, though understated, flows from every page.

I especially love the “dead dog” and can relate to this. Heisenburg, her moppy dog plays dead until someone shouts “dead dog”. At that, he springs to life. Too funny and easy for any animal lover to relate to!

My favorite part was the dialogue and how easily Zack and Lucy fell into their repartee. It was like they were made for each other and reminded me of snappy old Hollywood love stories.

The author uses tension well and builds up to the climax in such a fashion that you can’t put the book down. You root for them to catch the bad guy and wind up together while enjoying the ride.

If you want a fun read filled with action, snappy one-liners, and great characters, then Getting Rid of Bradley is the book for you! I give this novel 5 books.