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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Enchanting the Beast by Kathryne Kennedy

Enchanting the Beast by Kathryne Kennedy
Publisher: Dorchester Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Heat Level: Spicy
Length: Full (320 pgs)
Rating: 4.5 Books
Review by Peony

Grimspell castle. With its dark, imposing stone walls, it certainly looked haunted. As a ghost-hunter, Lady Philomena was accustomed to restless spirits. But she found the dark, imposing nature of the castle’s owner far more haunting than any specter. London Society might not approve of shape-shifters such as Sir Nicodemus Wulfson, but firmly-on-the-shelf Philomena rather enjoyed the young baronet’s sudden interest in sniffing around her skirts. She’d even consider giving in to him altogether if not for a murderer on the loose—a beast that might just be Nico himself.

Kathryne Kennedy's third installment in the Relics of Merlin series, Enchanting the Beast, is, in a word, amazing. This talented author enchanted not only the beast, but this reviewer as well. Filled with magic, shape-shifters, fairies and ghosts that inspire as well as frighten, this is a tale I could not set aside until every word had been read.

Lady Philomena is a ghost-hunter, a woman adept at performing seances and merging with the apparitions of those who emerge from Heaven...or Hell. She is fearless, so when an achingly handsome Baronet approaches her she is intrigued, in more ways than one. Sir Nicodemus propositions Phil, asking that she go to Grimspell castle and convince his brother that she has vanquished any lingering ghosts. But when Phil arrives at the castle she learns there is more to this handsome shifter's story than he initially lets on. Phil becomes entangled in a web of deceit and murder, but once she's fully involved she knows there is no easy way out of any of it.

I enjoyed the way Ms. Kennedy pulls unlikely characters into situations and, even though they seem oppositional on the surface, makes them all work together. Even tiny, tickling fairies have their place, becoming amusing and unforgettable characters. The dialogue between Phil and Nic is laced with innuendo; there is no denying their attraction but there is also no way around the situations they must navigate before they might be free to fully act on their feelings.

I'm completely hooked on this series. Enchanting the Beast is as delightful a read as the other books were, and makes me wonder how long I'll have to wait to read the next installment in The Relics of Merlin. Honestly, however long the wait is, I know it will be worth it!