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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Drive Me Crazy by Nancy Warren

Drive Me Crazy by Nancy Warren
Publisher: Kensington Publishing Company
Genre: Action/Adventure; Contemporary; Mystery
Length: Full (335 pages)
Heat: Hot
Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewed by Tiger Lily

Can't a guy look up a woman's skirt…

…without losing part of his anatomy? It isn't my fault the town librarian, aka Miss Alex Forrest, likes to perch on high heels and tall ladders for a guy's maximum viewing pleasure. The lady's bod and choice of outfit may be muy caliente, but the gaze is icy. Freezing. Arctic-in-a-bikini cold. Give her time. She'll come around to the old Duncan Forbes charm. And once I have that Alex in bed, she'll tell me everything I need to know about this town and its link to the lost painting my employers paid me to find…

I'd rather eat drain cleaner…

…than spend one more minute with that smug, big-city art professor, Duncan Forbes. The “Indiana Jones of the Art World”? Please. He couldn't find the Architecture stack till I pointed it out. And if I grabbed hold of his well-toned arm, it's not because he happens to be the sexiest man ever to destroy my Dewey Decimal System, it's because I'm not used to finding a dead body in my library and a girl can be excused a weak moment…

In the town of Swiftcurrent, Oregon, things are heating up. Dead bodies and missing masterpieces, family secrets and dangerous threats, a man who likes to feel his way around a problem and a woman who enjoys being the's all adding up to the kind of steamy sleuthing that just may lead them both beyond temptation and put their desires in drive…

She’s got a body to die for and a dead body in her library. He’s in search of a lost Van Gogh and what’s under her sinfully sexy clothing. What's a hot librarian need with a disheveled professor? Read Drive Me Crazy and find out!

Ms. Warren’s forte is writing witty characters the reader can relate to. Alex Forrest is comfortable with her body – just as many women would like to be. She’s juts a tad uncomfortable with her surroundings. She’s itching to get out of the quiet little town. Professor Duncan Forbes comes to her town to shake things up, especially with Alex. Both characters are strong and can function on their own, but when they are forced together, they smolder on the pages. Although Duncan has a few traits best left alone, such as his ability to burglarize, he’s a real man the reader could see as her date.

I liked the intertwined second love story between the sheriff and Alex’s cousin. Where Alex and Duncan were blatant, Gillian and Tom were sweetly slow. It balanced the story well and kept the reader involved, wanting to know how their stories would end.

If you want a smart, sassy read packed with cunning characters, then grab a copy of Drive Me Crazy and let the story take you away. I give this novel 4 ½ books.