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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Come to Me by LaVerne Thompson

Come To Me by LaVerne Thompson
Publisher: Freyas Bower
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4 Books
Review by Snapdragon

Confirmed bachelor Baron Munro doesn't believe in love, much less love at first sight. But what about love at first sound? It wasn't until he heard Jasmine Sandler's voice that he realized his life was missing something.

Jasmine didn't know what to make of the man who haunted her days and invaded her nights. She knew the sound of his voice as intimately as she knew her own.

But...they've never actually met. Dare she take the risk of a lifetime?

In Thompson’s “Come to Me,” the male protagonist comes across immediately as cold and a little heartless, yet his plight is intriguing. Oddly, it’s the very lack of emotion that awakes unease in Baron Munro, as well as in the reader. His exterior seems as metallically hard as his Porsche, but there is turmoil below the surface.

Readers recognize the source, long before Munro does. Jasmine Sandler is as polished as he, and maybe even more emotionally unavailable. The two characters share some personality traits, as well as personal goals. At times, neither is especially likable, yet in a way Thompson really manages to make their personalities real and understandable. Even though you will want to kick Baron Munro, you’ll hope for him, too. Thompson has an exceptional touch with character development.

Flirty dialogue provides a delicious and speedy contrast to some of the Baron’s more reflective moments. Details never seem unneeded, but some are certainly shared in an ‘overview’ style, which is faintly unsatisfying. We want to live those moments, feel the hands clasp, and not simply note the meeting, for example. In spite of these more distant moments, this is a smooth modern and satisfying romance.

Additional kudos for the wonderful ambience of the cover.