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Friday, April 10, 2009

Color of Dreams by Tia Dani

Color of Dreams by Tia Dani
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary; Paranormal; Fantasy
Length: Short (144 pages)
Heat: Hot
Rating: 4 books
Reviewed by Orchid

What happens when a Wiccan high-priestess and three mischievous nymphs conjure spells on a environmentalist and a jet engine designer? Magic, mayhem, and wild nights of passion.

Justine Tori Cryst is to be initiated into Gaia’s universal coven. Problem is...Justine must conjoin with a perfect soul-mate at the last stroke of midnight on her 29th birthday.

Shaun Kelly can’t believe his luck, or bad luck, when the woman who crushed his heart in college magically returns into his life. But crushed hearts mend. He still loves her. However, the chances of his rekindling their romance are zip because he’s certain Justine is hell-bent on putting the company he works for out of business...permanently.

Unbeknownst to either, Justine’s goddessmother is determined to bring Shaun and Justine back together because – Shaun has exactly what Justine needs to become the mother of the next generation of powerful little wiccas. His gene pool.

The love of Shaun’s life returns from his past to haunt his dreams. Unfortunately she’s a danger to his peace of mind and could even threaten his job, a job he’s only just started.

Justine is also having strange dreams about Shaun but she doesn’t let this distract her from helping her aunt make a presentation on behalf of Love Earth Always First (LEAF). Justine’s Aunt Delphina is a lawyer working to stop the ecological destruction of earth. Their whole family supports LEAF, but Justine senses hidden depths in their efforts to save the earth.

Shaun works for Turbo Blue, and LEAF has proof they have been disposing waste products into the river. The owners blame a former employee but Shaun doesn’t quite trust his employers.

On the morning of the presentation Delphina tells Justine many of their family are Wican or witches. Over the centuries the family’s goal has been to use their pagan arts to stop the ruin of earth by humans.

Shaun and Justine have been apart for several years, but even before their meting at the presentation, they show a strong attraction via their dreams. The hidden agenda of Justine’s aunt lends extra zing to this story especially with the involvement of fairies who force the course of true love in the direction they think it should go.

While the main part of this story is a sweet romance with a touch of humor, there are several scenes which border on the erotic, hence the “hot” rating. I enjoyed reading Shaun and Justine’s roller coaster love story. The reason for restraint in their relationship is ultimately revealed, but the mystery adds excitement to the story.

"Color of Dreams" was easy to read, and it kept my attention from beginning to end which I believe is important to the enjoyment of a story. I would recommend it to lovers of mystery and fantasy, but only if you like explicit sex scenes.