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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Best Laid Plans by Isabel Martens

Best Laid Plans by Isabel Martens
Publisher: Awe-Struck E-Books, Inc.
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full (270 pgs)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Lilac

Beejay Milliston has a fail-safe plan for acquiring the perfect husband and there's no place in it for love. Every clear minded person knows that love turns sensible people into muddle-headed starry eyed idiots. She refuses to be among their number. What she doesn't plan for are her own run-amok hormones, broken water pipes, a useless Home Owner's association, appendicitis, and a deliciously handsome bachelor with a plan of his own and five orphaned nieces and nephews to provide for.

In this fun and entertaining tale, a woman finds love and a family in the last place she expected.

With her biological clock ticking, Beejay Milliston comes up with a plan (and questionnaire) to find the perfect husband. She finds her plans disrupted by Web Klein and his brood of orphaned nieces and nephews. Working for the IRS, Beejay originally enters Web’s home office to audit the accountant, but chaos ensues as she finds herself dealing with mini-crises involving Web’s family and finds they have wormed their way into her heart.

Web and Beejay are interesting characters who both seem to have a plan for their futures. Beejay wants a husband and family, but her plan does not include love or a ready-made family. Meanwhile, Web realizes that he needs a maternal figure for his nephews and nieces. I enjoyed watching them realize that their priorities are a bit out of order and what they think they want might not necessarily be what they need. I found their relationship to be interesting as they cross a line that changes their relationship from being impersonal and professional into something more. Their relationship starts as a strong friendship which I found interesting and it is obvious that they grow to care for one another.

As for the plot, the story starts out strong, but kind of felt rushed toward the end as Web and Beejay both make decisions that I didn’t quite agree with and which felt a bit out of character for them considering their growing feelings. But I really enjoyed the adventures and unexpected events throughout the story as Beejay faces many things that disrupt her orderly life from a flooded townhouse to an unexpected visit from her parents. Several of these unexpected events are quite touching.

The children of the story really stole my heart and every scene that they appeared in. I loved watching Web and Beejay interact with them. Beejay learns a lot about herself from dealing with the children and it was interesting watching her relationships develop with them as well as they bonded.

Featuring characters who learn a lot about themselves and each other as they grow closer, this was a fun story full of the unexpected.