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Friday, February 20, 2009

A Prayer for Distraction by Cheryl Warner

A Prayer for Distraction by Cheryl Warner
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Genre: Contemporary, Suspense, Inspirational
Length: Full (402 pages)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 4 Books
Review by Camellia

"Be careful what you ask for"--that’s what everyone says to C.D. Waddell. But what else can she do? Ten months after the divorce, she’s still obsessing over her ex-husband. Her only option is to pray for a distraction of epic proportions that will take her mind off of him. In doing so, she has no idea that God will direct her to search for her biological parents, an act that will set off a chain of unforeseen distractions, including a potential new relationship with a detective. She also has no idea that in the midst of it all, her ex will return in search of reconciliation. Just how is she to determine the true answer to her prayer?

Free will choices of obsession, anger, and self-pity almost swamp C. D. after David, her husband of five years, divorces her. Realizing she’s lost her energy and enthusiasm, and courage, she prayers for God’s forgiveness and then asks for a BIG distraction to get her channeled in a productive direction. Then, bless her heart, she questions every change that comes into her life.

Cheryl Warner creates a heroine imbued with laudable Christian qualities, but one that also allows circumstances to drag her down to say and do things she is ashamed of at times. C. D. is SO human!

Mitch Everhart, a private investigator and friend of her father, helps C. D. in a search for her biological parents and pushes her to the edge of endurance with his questions, antics, and secretiveness. Having lived through emotional pain himself, he tries to shield her and messes up big time with her.

Smooth talking David, the ex-husband; meddlesome Mandy, C. D.’s best friend; and her adoptive parents Grady and Leanne have played and continue to play important roles in C. D.’s emotional maturation. She loves them dearly but still has an empty corner in her heart for the parents who abandoned her when she was three years old. How she deals with Mitch’s findings is both suspenseful and heart wrenching.

Some issues seem belabored overmuch, making the story repetitive in a few places but the events always reinforce C. D.’s inability to cope with her situation even though she is a praying Christian. Her “send” seems to work but “receive” seems broke when it comes to her prayers. Cheryl Warner delights the reader with humor and some very appropriate analogies that create great word images that linger in the mind, for example, the rescued stray kitten.

A PRAYER FOR DISTRACTION is a happy-ever-after that God practically has to drag C. D. by her heels into, even though she prayed for it. This is a story many of us “flawed” humans can relate to on many levels.