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Friday, February 6, 2009

Museums are Murder by Carol Shenold

Museums are Murder by Carol Shenold
Publisher: Eternal Press Production
Genre: Contemporary; Paranormal
Length: Short (48 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 5 books
Reviewed by Orchid

When Tali agrees to help her friends with the Love County Museum opening, she is expecting a pleasant time with familiar faces—just maybe not as familiar as her former lover, Aiden Courtland. To add to her worries, there has also been a murder. Things start to really heat up when Aiden reveals that a demon wants to cart Tali away to another world—permanently. Now she must face her own powers as well as a were wolf and a demon in order to keep her family safe.

I don’t read many paranormal tales, but this one drew me right in. The vampire, werewolf and demons were introduced so naturally I wondered if I should look over my shoulder to make sure they weren’t looking over my shoulder while I read about their story.

Tali Cates only partially believes in the supernatural, despite the fact she fell in love with Aidan, a vampire. Aidan left her without an explanation and since then she has tried to live her life without paranormal distractions, but the Dark Lord has other ideas for her future. Aidan returns to help her fight the Dark Lord, but at first he doesn’t let Tali know he’s back.

A murder happens at the museum and Tali finds an emerald and diamond necklace on the body. Distracted by all that is happening around her, she slips the necklace into her pocket. Late at night she returns to the museum and finds an identical necklace hidden in a picture frame. Jesse, a shapeshifting werewolf, confronts her demanding she hand the necklace over. Aidan appears to save her and tell her the reason he he has returned, but Tali is not sure she wants to allow him back into her life.

Despite the werewolves, vampires and demons, this is a lighthearted story which I thoroughly enjoyed. The length was enough to whet my appetite for more, and I will be watching for more paranormal tales by Ms. Shenbold.