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Friday, February 13, 2009

Kingmaker's Gold by MK Mancos

Kingmaker's Gold by MK Mancos
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Historical; Paranormal
Length: Short (116 pages)
Heat: Sensual
Rating: 5 books
Reviewed by Orchid

Gold —the name alone evokes dreams of riches beyond imagination. Whether one is a mortal woman or one of the fey men who inhabit New York in 1910, the precious metal can have great impact and far-reaching consequences. For Abigail Westmorland, a single gold coin stands between her and destitution. For Venn, a contender for the leprechaun throne, it means the difference between leading the fey or being led by his cousin, the dark fey, Lachlan. Together Venn and Abigail find true love is more precious than any gold.

Abigail Westmorland is alone in New York City in 1910. After her parents died in an accident she found her father had gambled away everything, leaving her destitute. Strong willed Abigail goes out into the world of the working class and finds herself a job and a decent place to live. Her beloved Grandma Rose died a few months before her parents, but a year and a day after her demise, Rose’s lawyer delivers a package and some letters to Abigail. Alone in her room, Abigail opens the small box and finds a large gold coin with the imprint of a tree spiraling in its centre.

Venn, Prince of the Fey and would be heir to the Fey throne, lost the gold coin in a contest with Abigail’s father. To become the rightful heir to the throne he must recover the coin and find the king’s cache of gold. If he fails his cousin Lachlan, a user of dark Fey magic, will take the throne and all of Fey will be in peril. Venn follows the smell of the gold coin and discovers Abigail. Now all he has to do is convince her to give him the coin freely and without condition.

Abigail’s life changes from the moment she holds the coin in her hand. Venn appears as if by magic and she is inexplicably drawn to him. He visits her in her dreams and takes liberties with her body she knows she would never allow if she was awake. Or would she?

More confusion is added when Lachlan approaches her and declares Venn is only after the gold coin.

Confused by her feelings and not sure whether to believe Venn when he declares he is trying to protect her, she consults the letters from her grandmother. Grandma Rose warns her to be careful of two men. By their description she recognizes Venn and Lachlan. A frightened Abigail once again feels alone and must decide what to do about the coin and the men.

Kingmaker’s Gold held me from the very beginning. Abigail definitely knows the good and the bad aspects of life and at first refuses to have anything to do with Venn. He gradually wins her over, but it is not until he saves her from an attack by ruffians that she believes he truly wants to protect her.

Venn has all the mischievous spirit of a leprechaun, with the aspect of a gorgeous male who would steal any woman’s heart. He knows recovering the gold coin is his first priority, but Abigail also becomes an important part of his life.

At times lighthearted, with a hint of suspense, in Kingmaker’s Gold, MK Mancos offers a story of love, fear and mystery. I heartily recommend this book to be read on one of those afternoons when you want to do nothing else but relax with a good book.