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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Heir to Triple M by Alice Blue

Heir to Triple M by Alice Blue
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Genre: Historical
Length: Full (150+ pages)
Heat: Sweet
Rating: 4 books
Reviewed by Snapdragon

After a disastrous marriage, Burt Martine refuses to have children of his own. Younger brother, Kenneth, claims he is having a son, but Kenneth is murdered. Burt travels to Texas to bring home an unwilling pregnant widow, Carlie Martine, so there will be an heir for the huge Triple M ranch.

Traveling together with a herd of cattle from Texas to Colorado brings about many changes in both their outlooks.

In this intense western, Burt Martine discovers that pretty Carlie, his brother's widow, carries the heir to Triple M; the ranch has a hold on Burt’s soul, but does it rule his heart as well?

Pretty young widow Carlie Martine, thinking her husband is going to show up in Still Creek, Texas, speaks up on behalf of Burt to save him from a lynch mob. He is scarcely appreciative; he is, in fact, desperately sorting out a crime while trying to convince Carlie to travel to the ranch. Carlie, for her part, can hardly be blamed for not warming up to tough, confrontational Burt. He’s the ultimate cowboy; honest, scarred, and not afraid to stand toe to toe with the town bully. Readers will adore him. He is dern prickly to deal with, though.

The journey and the loss they share cannot help but influence their consideration of one another. Overall, Burt’s opinions are all too obvious, although, at some points, it is hard to figure out exactly what caused or influenced those opinions. Carlie is both more sympathetic and (in a way) more hard-willed. Neither of terribly innovative as characters, but both are interesting.

Heir To Triple M is a solid western romance, long on cowboy attitudes if a bit short on depth of character. The plot carries you forward, as you will wonder from the start just what did happen. The background – from the trail to the ladies dress shop – all fit the theme beautifully. Dialogue also keeps a sense of the times alive. The writing style is comfortably readable, the story engaging, and the mystery adds a bit of intrigue.