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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Delighting Miss Daisy by Abbey MacInnis

Delighting Miss Daisy by Abbey MacInnis
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short (108 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 books
Reviewed by Snapdragon

When Sam Howard, CEO of Sam’s Smooth Sliding Ale, arrives in Wayback to advertise his product for the rodeo, bakery entrepreneur Daisy Porter goes on a crusade to tear down every poster in town. Can Daisy look past the businessman to the compassionate man underneath, or has the lock to her heart finally rusted shut? Sam is a patient man, who doesn’t force his way through the walls she’s placed up to guard her heart. With the threat of someone from her past shadowing her, can Daisy reclaim her self-confidence and strength to find happiness with Sam?

Who doesn’t love a cowboy? Well in MacInnis’ “Delighting Miss Daisy,” the one who doesn’t is Delia ‘Daisy’ Porter. This real Texan spitfire ain’t about to let Smooth Talking Sam set up selling brews at her local rodeo. She’s a hometown kinda gal, and greets even the littlest buckaroos with courtesy at her bakery… although poor Sam manages (despite having a real sweet tooth) to get off on the wrong foot.

Ol’ Sam really is a smooth talker, though; he’s not into the hard-sell. He doesn’t mind waiting on a lady’s pleasure… but will that get him anywhere? After all, the issue might be the trashy fliers, and then again, it might just be something a little harder to rip-up-- like a heartache.

Daisy and Sam are both engaging characters, given to snappy dialogue and the odd moment of double entrendre. While much of this story is very heartfelt, wonderful touches of humor lighten it throughout. Friends – and secondary characters in general – contribute to the plot and provide a good deal of side interest themselves.

This reader must confess to having a serious soft spot for the whole Wayback Series. The familiar town is home to all sorts of cowboy happenings, and it's great to greet again quaint shops, the Dewdrop Inn, familiar references to the rodeo, and more.

Kudos to Abbey MacInnis, but I do have one question: where DO I get a recipe for Wild Wayback Chocolate Cake?