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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Wiccan Kitten by Susanne Saville

The Wiccan Kitten by Susanne Saville
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary,Paranormal,Holiday
Length: Short
Heat Level: Spicy
Book Rating: 3 books
Review By: Bittersweet

Before her landlord's exorcism banishes the innocent apparition haunting her Salem apartment, Freyja Amador must cast a spell to save her ghost cat. Unfortunately, her spell's success can only be guaranteed through sex magick on Halloween night—two days away.

She needs a man. And she believes she has just met the perfect one.

Shane Logan, however, has troubles of his own. Operating under a centuries-old faerie curse, Shane must find a woman who can fall in love with him within three days--and having sex is not an option or he will turn to dust.

Will they both get what they need before time runs out on Halloween?

“The Wiccan Kitten” is the story of Freyja, a Wiccan witch with a special gift for cats. Trapped with a spectral cat that’s rooted to her house, Freyja discovers that the only way she can help the animal is with “sex-magick”. There’s only one problem: she’s not very good at picking up dates. Fortunately for her, handsome and sexy Shane steps into the picture (by accident?) and the magical sparks along with the problems begin.

I found that “The Wiccan Kitten”, paranormal beings apart, is about earthly love (a dinner date, with an outrageous proposition, but with all the insecurities of a first date; a walk, an ice cream cone…), about the nerves and doubts we’ve all felt (or at least I have) at the beginning of a new relationship.

The main character Freyja is a down to earth woman. I loved the way Ms. Saville walked away from your usual “hot to kill” beautiful protagonist to a woman like Freyja: insecure, a bit shy and voluptuous, with which at least I felt identified with. As for Shane, well, he’s lovingly adorable, like an ancient knight (and there’s a good reason for this). The evil witch…is easily hated.

Sweet, funny, mystical and pleasantly surprising: “The Wiccan Kitten”.