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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Veracity in Truth by Rose Renée Shelly

Veracity in Truth by Rose Renée Shelly
Publisher: Awestruck EBooks
Genre: Historical
Length: Full
Heat: Spicy
Rating 4.5 books
Reviewed by Orchid

This is a sweeping tale of desperate love, dark intrigue, ship wreckers, smugglers, and the mysterious Lord Draken Hazelmere. Veracity Beresford, pampered darling of Regency London, finds herself torn from her safe existence. Forced by Lord Hazelmere, she travels to the Devonshire coast, to Seacliff House, there to nurse her invalid uncle. Strange things occur upon her arrival.

Veracity soon discovers she is in the midst of devious plots by persons unknown. Then, when wreckers sink a ship, Veracity realizes that Draken, the man she now loves, may be the key to it all. Is he her salvation or damnation? Are he and her uncle involved in horrible crimes? Veracity, in truth, must find the answers in time to save her and those she loves.

Lord Draken Hazelmere, Earl of Penstock is a dark, mysterious man who follows his own path in life. A strong willed man, he doesn’t suffer fools gladly. His life is a mystery to the outside world, and he seems to prefer it this way.

Miss Veracity Beresford is alone in the world, except for an uncle living in distant Cornwall. Veracity loves the society life of London, but to date has kept her heart and reputation intact. A tad naïve, she is a romantic at heart but believes in being true to herself and her country.

Draken bursts into Veracity’s life when he bangs on her front door in the middle of the night. He has come with news that her uncle is ill and needs her. Veracity is at first reluctant to leave her life in London for the rough countryside of Cornwall, but Draken’s scorn goads her into agreeing to accompany him to her uncle’s home. Veracity takes up the task of getting the house and servants running smoothly but after an attack on her uncle, she begins to wonder if Draken is somehow involved. He also seems to have connections with the smugglers who were responsible for a shipwreck on the nearby coast. Veracity’s thoughts are even more confused when she realizes she has fallen in love with the dark, secretive earl.

At first Veracity seems totally self-centered and unwilling to put her life to one side to help her uncle. Draken’s comments sting her into action, but his opinion of her is quite low. Veracity develops an attraction to Draken, but thinks she is quite shallow when it comes to her uncle’s welfare. By the end of their long journey to Cornwall their opinion of each other has improved slightly. Faced with lazy servants and a badly run house, Veracity shows the steel beneath her soft exterior as she brings order to chaos. Draken is forced to take another look at this intriguing woman. Life between them is improving, but doubt and fear interfere with their future happiness.

Cornwall is well known for smugglers and shipwrecks, both of which help to make this an intriguing story. The story is slow to start but the pace picks up when the pair arrive at the uncle’s house and intrigue begins to wind its way into the lives of the hero and heroine. Misunderstanding and distrust conflict with feelings of the heart, but duty also plays a part.

I enjoyed reading this book and would definitely recommend it to others. The author has researched her subject well to make a well rounded background to an enjoyable read. A bit somber at times, Veracity in Truth is classified as being in the historical genre, but Regency readers would also like this book.