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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Three Moon Station by Icy Snow Blackstone

Three Moon Station by Icy Snow Blackstone
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full
Heat Level: Sensual
Book Rating: 5 Books
Review by Larkspur

She thought she was hired as a housekeeper; he thought he was buying a wife. When Katherine Rawls witnesses a murder, no place on Earth is safe, so going offplanet is the only answer. When a group of Domestics is transported to a pioneering planet, Katy goes along, taking the evidence with her. Tritomis-2 is a place of contrasts, beautiful, primitive--ox-drawn wagons plod along as Federation Drones speed by overhead--and dangerous, but Katy's certain she can manage until it's safe to return home. Her new boss is sympathetic and protective, and his ranch, Three Moon Station, is fairly isolated. When she learns that the contract she and Sarkin Trant signed isn't an Employment Agreement as she thought, but is actually a Marriage License, she's certain she's traded her previous predicament for danger of another kind, for Sar has fallen in love with his newly-purchased bride and is determined to woo and win her. Resolved to bring the killers to justice, Katy nevertheless finds herself succumbing to Sar's gentleness, humor, and affection, not knowing that her pursuers have discovered her hiding place, and now both she and her would-be husband are in jeopardy.

Three Moon Station is an out of this world must read.

After witnessing a murder Katy Simpson unknowingly boards an interplanetary female prison transport to evade the killers. The transport is heading to Tritomas a planet full of lonely men hoping to find wives of the inmates.

Sar Trent a settler on Tritomas and owner of Three Moon Staion bids on and marries a woman he thinks is a willing participant of the inmate pardon agreement from Earth.

But there are secrets, dangers and mysteries that lie ahead of our ignorant bride and groom and the question is will they find love and will they survive what’s to come.

I woke up in the 21st century and spent the rest of the book eagerly experiencing the 24th. Ms. Blackstone takes the reader on a fantastical visual journey with her amazing storytelling. The characters are so well developed they literally jump off the pages and the story is well defined. The tale is full of excitement and I found it hard to put the book down. You will find every thing you’re looking for in this read, a sweet and sensual love story with plenty of edge of your seat drama.

It is so well written that it’s a bestseller contender, one that I would proudly display in my personal library