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Friday, January 30, 2009

Solar Wind by Carole Ann Lee

Solar Wind by Carole Ann Lee
Publisher: Awe-Struck E Books
Genre: Science Fiction
Heat Level: Sensual
Length: Full
Rating: 4 Books
Review by Iris

Outwardly Slater’s a cargo pilot. In reality he's a privateer defending the trade routes. His intergalactic freighter, Solar Wind, appears harmless, yet beneath the ruse lies an advanced warship.

Having escaped from slavery, Kira joined the underground, assisting slaves to freedom. With trouble on her heels, she stows aboard Slater's ship. She’s the last thing he needs and he vows to send her back home. If they only realized their parallel missions.

Slater uncovers a shocking web of greed and betrayal, and is staggered at how close Kira came to dying.

After weeks of close quarters, Slater finally locks-in the coordinates to take Kira home, he’ll have to make the painful decision to either let her go--or risk everything by taking a chance on love.

In this futuristic tale, Kira Delaney stows aboard the freighter of acquaintance Zeke Slater, after her father’s suspicious death and a string of odd incidents at his company. She hopes to find sanctuary and help aboard Solar Wind. While Solar Wind’s captain, Zeke Slater, is less than happy to have her aboard he can’t seem to find it in his heart to turn his back on this young woman. The two of them discover both a mystery, as well as a budding attraction.

Solar Wind is an interesting suspense and a romance I found to be very sweet. Zeke comes on strong at first, a hardened playboy type who only looks out for himself, but that’s only what he wants people to see. Kira is a young girl on her own and while Zeke’s brain tells him to get as far away from Kira as he can, Zeke follows his heart instead. It was this quality that drew me to Zeke. He’s such a wonderful, tough hero who falls so hopelessly in love.

Even if Sci-Fi isn’t your favorite genre, this book has a lot to offer. It's a particularly sweet story with a hero everyone will love.