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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snowbound by M.G. Braden

Snowbound by M.G. Braden
Publisher: Blade Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 5 Books
Review by Lilac

Cassidy Jenson always seems to make the wrong decisions. This ski trip with Rick might just be another. She knows he isn't Mr. Perfect. But after six years of being told no one else would ever love her, she's too scared and confused to walk away.

When Rick abandons her at the resort, Cassidy can't help but notice the only one there to save the day is Daniel. Every time she turns around he is helping out, no strings attached. She isn't used to that but soon realizes that's the way it should be.

Daniel Robertson has come to SnowPeaks Resort for the first time since his fiancée died. He's not looking for love but when he is knocked over by Cassidy, all bets are off. He can't resist the need to show her how a real man treats a lady.

Being snowbound is only bad with the wrong person.

Left by her boyfriend a ski resort, Cassidy Jensen decides she is better off without him and she is going to make the most of her trip. She finds a friend in Daniel Robertson, a resort regular who is still dealing with his grief after the accidental death of his fiancée. Thanks to the matchmaking resort owner, Cassidy and Daniel find themselves thrown together on several different occasions. Each encounter brings them closer together and a romance blossoms, but both must deal with the past before they can move forward. But misunderstandings and an avalanche could end things before they even have time to start.

The relationship between Cassidy and Daniel is very sweet as they both help each other heal from the pain and loss that their past relationships have caused, although for very different reasons. Cassidy’s ex is a jerk who has hurt her self-esteem by cutting her down with his words and actions, while Daniel is still dealing with the guilt and heartache from his fiancée’s death. Cassidy’s time with Daniel shows her how a relationship should be and she not only finds strength in her time away from her overbearing boyfriend but also gains the confidence she needs to move forward. Daniel finds Cassidy hard to resist and spending time with her helps him to deal with his past. The chemistry between the two is definitely there and you can sense the tension. It was interesting to watch these two characters grow throughout the book.

With Snowbound, I became lost in the story and relationship and loved every minute of it.